Should I continue to pay for my Tui holiday?

Should I continue to pay for my Tui holiday?

If I work my vacations, how much should I be paid?

There are special cases for taking vacations, for example, in the case of professionals and assistants who render their services in private entities, dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis, and those who work in the application of X-rays; these two groups have the right to enjoy 15 days of paid vacations for every 6 months in which they render their services.

It should be clarified that the vacations correspond to 15 working days depending on the days they must work; that is to say that if they work during the week, their vacations only count as weekdays; if on the contrary, they also work on Saturdays, Saturday is also a vacation day, at the time they start to enjoy them.

As stated in the Law, vacations must be paid as salary, so on this payment must be made the discounts and provisions that are mandatory or necessary by Law, i.e. social security contributions, both in the part to be assumed by the employee and the part to be assumed by the employer.

My vacation can be taken away due to the contingency

Many people have been forced to cancel their trips due to the current situation, other workers have been urged to take a vacation period and some even doubt whether they are still accruing vacation or if they can enjoy it in the future.

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In addition, an employer is likely to claim organizational power under Article 20 of the Workers’ Statute. However, this power does not extend to imposing a vacation regime on workers for a force majeure cause, such as coronavirus,

It must be taken into account that the belief that fifteen days are chosen by the worker and another fifteen days are chosen by the company is categorically false, in spite of the fact that we usually hear this statement.

However, it is very important to consider the applicable collective bargaining agreement, since it often regulates the annual planning of vacations, hence the preferential period to enjoy the vacations, how they can be distributed, etc., is included in some agreements.

What if they make me work on my vacation

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My vacation can be cancelled at work mexico

You may be wondering: Can I cancel or change my TUI vacation booking? How do I cancel or change my booking and how much will it cost me? You’re in luck, TUI allows you to cancel, change or transfer your vacation for a fee. Here we’ll break down the fee structure and guide you through the process of changing or canceling your TUI booking.

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TUI allows cancellations and changes. If you have booked your vacation on the TUI website (not through another travel agent), you can go to Manage My Booking in your TUI account to make changes including: canceling your vacation, changing your vacation, changing passenger names, changing contact details and more.

If you have booked one of the following holidays, you must contact TUI directly (by phone or via their website). You cannot cancel them online through your account. This is because the cancellation rules for these bookings are different.

If you wish to cancel your TUI vacation, you must pay a termination fee. The cancellation fee depends on how many days before the booking you inform TUI of your cancellation. The following table describes the termination fees: