Is warranty free of cost?

Is warranty free of cost?

Warranty in law

As a preventive measure, it is always good to know the warranty of the car, whether it is new or second-hand. In a way, this will allow the customer to have a certain security in case of breakdown or problem.

In the first case, the private seller undertakes to ensure that the car has no hidden defects and that it is free of encumbrances or encumbrances. If the buyer detects any anomaly during the six months following the delivery of the vehicle, the seller has to respond to it.

Once the complaint has been made, proving that the problem is prior to the purchase, the seller has to return the amount of the necessary repair or rescind the purchase contract and return the money of the transaction to the buyer.

What a new car warranty covers

Warranties are very important for consumers. They make it possible to be sure that, in case of defects or flaws that affect the correct functioning of the product, the responsible parties will take charge of repairing it so that the product returns to its optimal conditions of use.

In the event that the product must be taken to the factory or workshop for repair, the freight and insurance costs or any other costs involved in transportation shall be borne by the person responsible for the warranty.

Unless expressly provided for in the warranty, in case of damage, it is not appropriate to demand the replacement of the product for a new one; the obligation of the supplier is to repair the product and leave it in perfect working order.

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Types of warranty

You are thinking of buying a new car soon, or maybe you are about to receive your 0 km in the next few days, and suddenly some doubt comes to your mind: what do I do if something happens to my car in the following weeks?

This is known as the 3×3 warranty of the Consumer Law, and it applies to all kinds of products purchased in stores, including those belonging to the automotive industry. It covers you in case your car shows the following symptoms:

These are the most important, but there are others that are mentioned in detail in the Consumer Law. During the first 3 months after the delivery of your new car, if one of these cases occurs, you have 3 options:

Consumer protection product warranty

When a vehicle is under warranty, each time it visits the workshop, the warranty is interrupted by the number of days it remains there. In other words, it does not count. If the garage needs two weeks to repair the breakdown, the warranty is extended by two weeks. However, to make it effective it is necessary to attach with the repair report a document stating the date of receipt of the vehicle, as well as the date of return to the customer.

Does the warranty cover maintenance costs? No. The change of oil, filters or brake fluid, etc. must be assumed by the customer as it is a maintenance service. However, if during the work carried out it is observed that a part is defective (not to be confused with wear and tear) it should be replaced by another at no cost to the customer.

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