Is University Living genuine?

Is University Living genuine?

Benefits of studying in France

In the case of students who have permanent special educational needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, they will accredit these needs by means of a report issued by the administrative unit or office of attention to people with disabilities of the university where they have completed their previous studies, indicating what resources and support they have needed for their full normalization in university academic life.

The admission procedure will allow applicants to make a prior communication of their identification data and other requirements for submitting the application for admission, providing a copy of the required documentation. Those who are admitted, will proceed to the verification of the documentation of the university degree held and the certification of grades, as well as the rest of the documents provided, by presenting at the time of formalizing the registration the original and a copy for comparison, without prejudice to the powers of verification attributed to the University of Zaragoza at all times.

Campus france

You have chosen to enjoy a university stay in France. You can’t imagine all that awaits you: learning French, discovering a new culture, meeting international students? This stay will be a real adventure.

At the university of your choice, both French students and students from all over the world, as well as professors and staff, will make your stay unforgettable. You will discover all the advantages of having chosen France for your university stay. Student life benefits from the various services offered by French universities.

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How to apply to a university in France

6. The Catholic University, by the encounter it establishes between the unfathomable richness of the salvific message of the Gospel and the plurality and infinity of fields of knowledge in which it incarnates it, enables the Church to establish a dialogue of incomparable fruitfulness with all people of every culture. Man, in fact, lives a dignified life thanks to culture and, if he finds his fullness in Christ, there is no doubt that the Gospel, embracing and renewing him in all his dimensions, is also fruitful for culture, from which man himself lives.

8. Having already dedicated the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana[11] to the ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties, it seemed to me a duty to propose to Catholic Universities a similar reference document, which would be for them like the “magna charta”, enriched by the Church’s vast and fruitful experience in the university sector, and open to the promising achievements of the future, which demands bold creativity and at the same time rigorous fidelity.

Ortega y gasset mission of the university

It allows any graduate who so desires to have an electronic copy of his or her degree whenever he or she wants and from anywhere, and to send it to any company, university or organization that requests it, thus saving time and money.

Once the request has been formalized and the corresponding fee has been paid, within a maximum period of one week the graduate will receive an e-mail message with an authentication code to access the authentic electronic copy of the degree.

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