Is there a GHA app?

Is there a GHA app?

How to use WhatsApp on an Android tablet

Faced with this contingency, different dynamics have been arising around the performance of contracts, which for this research is limited to state contracts, which puts to the test to solve such problems, interpreting contractual figures already established by law, jurisprudence and doctrine.

One problem could be the non-performance of contracts due to the social isolation (confinement) decreed by the Government. However, a solution to this point is raised by the Judgment of July 05, 2016 rendered by the Council of State[8], when considering the figure of the total or partial suspension of the contract due to unforeseen events (force majeure and fortuitous event) that alters the contractual relationship, warning that this figure is not static or uniform in its definition and effectiveness, but on the contrary, each situation such as those raised below represents a different effect:

“Thus, the suspension materially constitutes a passive interval in the dynamics of the contract when the performance of one, several or all of the obligations to which the parties are obliged are impossible to execute”.


Geomembranes are geosynthetic sheets used for the containment of liquids in mining, environmental and agricultural processes. They are characterized by their mechanical strength, permeability and durability in the environment.There are different types of geomembranes that adapt to the needs and budgets of each project, in addition, the durability of the product is guaranteed thanks to the chemical composition.Basic composition of geomembranesThe strength and durability that characterizes these sheets is obtained thanks to their composition. How is the quality of a geomembrane guaranteed? Geomembranes are usually subjected to processes where they are exposed to very powerful chemicals and environmental stresses that cause wear of the material. In order to guarantee the durability of these sheets, they are subjected to the following tests: Types of geomembranesThere are ideal geomembranes for each project according to soil conditions, chemical exposure and environmental stress. In general, geomembranes can be classified as follows:If you are looking for a geomembrane that suits your project needs, we invite you to review our catalog.

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At Grupo Empresarial Hierros Alfonso, SL, we are committed to the protection of personal information. Your privacy and trust are important to us, so here is important information about how Grupo Empresarial Hierros Alfonso, SL, treats your personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to the corporate website of Grupo Empresarial Hierros Alfonso, SL, Any other website, application, product, software or service belonging to Grupo Empresarial Hierros Alfonso, SL, or any of the companies that have been linked to Grupo Empresarial Hierros Alfonso, SL, will have on its website of a specific Privacy Policy which will establish the privacy practices particular to the services or activities carried out in the processing of data through that particular platform, web, application, product, software or service.

GHA will not process or share Users’ personal data except among the companies of the Group, to third parties in charge of the processing that provide electronic communications management services, security, shipment of goods or when permitted by current regulations and at the request of competent authorities.

A Toda Salud 358: Shark cartilage as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Management and services of transfer, compaction, final disposal of non-hazardous waste to companies, municipalities, households. Sale of clean points. Recycling and environmental care talks. Training to companies in non-hazardous waste management.

We are dedicated exclusively to REUSE the empty trips of the freights already sold by the SME carriers, connecting them of opportunity with new clients generators of load, and that make match from the point of origin to the point of destiny of their load.

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