Is RAC cover for person or car?

Is RAC cover for person or car?

RACC Insurance

The RACC insurance company is focused on car insurance with more than 10 million policyholders worldwide. Its insurances are specialized in travel assistance but it also has policies for home and family.

RACC is a service club, focused on insurance, with more than 10 million people around the world and specialized in travel, mechanical, family or home assistance. Its aim is to improve people’s quality of life as well as to promote motor sports.

Home and pet insurance is aimed at preserving and repairing household appliances as well as providing a do-it-yourself service. In addition, they provide all the necessary coverage for the welfare of pets.

RACC Home Maintenance Service covering repairs to household appliances and help in the care of the home, with three options: Multi-repair, Multi-technical or complete electrical maintenance. For breakdowns in refrigerators, washing machine, oven, boiler or air conditioning, among others.

What is the racc

It is true that the membership fee is somewhat expensive; but if we take into account what it includes, the consideration changes completely. From roadside assistance (we can save it when taking out car or motorcycle insurance), to travel, legal and health assistance, to home assistance, including car safety checks… always, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

In short, the first and main drawback of the RACC assistance service, as confirmed by customer reviews, is the price of the fees. But if we analyze it carefully, per month it comes out to just under 14 euros and in return we have all the assistance needs, all of them, completely covered. So much for my brief analysis; weighing up the pros and cons is a matter for each individual.

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Racc assistance

There are no EU-wide rules on additional voluntary insurance. Check the conditions of your policy before traveling abroad, as insurers may apply different rules in different countries. In particular, your insurance could be limited according to time (e.g. up to one month abroad) or distance (e.g. up to 150 km beyond the border of your home country) and exclude some types of risks (e.g. theft) in certain countries.

Motor insurance premiums vary from one EU country to another, mainly due to differences in contract law, risk assessment and indemnity systems, or the complexity and cost of international claims handling.


Owning a vehicle is a great financial effort. At the time of purchase, almost everyone focuses on the sale price and not on the expenses that it generates. Fuel, maintenance, taxes, insurance, repairs… are fixed and intrinsic costs of the car that are important to take into account.

The insurance sector is very competitive, so we must be very attentive when it comes to contracting our policy at the best possible price with the coverage that best suits our needs.

Once you know what insurance you are interested in, you should also know how to cancel it in case you decide to sell the vehicle, buy another car or want to change insurer. Race gives a series of tips so that doing so does not involve time or problems.

To cancel your car insurance, the first thing you should do is to send a notification to your insurer at least one month before the end of the contract. In the message you must state that you no longer intend to renew the insurance and it is best to do so in writing, i.e. “by fax or burofax with acknowledgement of receipt or by registered letter”, recommends Race.

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