Is PayPal a payment service provider?

Is PayPal a payment service provider?

Paypal® negative balance

PayPal® is a service that allows you to send payments to the merchant’s account (e-commerce) and has become a very popular payment service provider among online shoppers, since opening an account is very simple and offers the possibility to pay by credit card, by transfer or with PayPal® balance.

They establish trading relationships with a bank in order to offer, in the name and on behalf of the bank, financial services to their customers. They are distribution channels used to make transactions.

So far 18 banks are supported by correspondents, which have different types of authorized transactions they can perform. Check with your bank for the location of these correspondents and the transactions you can perform, the hours and the maximum amount allowed.

Some department stores issue their own credit cards, which can be used on their e-commerce sites to make payments for purchases you make on those sites. To make payments with these cards on these e-commerce sites, you are usually asked for your card information; this process is very similar to paying with a bank card.


Venmo is an online money transfer service that allows customers in the United States to make payments directly from the Venmo app on their mobile device. If you are a merchant in the United States and have Paypal Express Checkout enabled on your checkout screen, Venmo appears as an expedited payment option in your store. Learn more about expedited checkout processes.Only customers in the U.S. who have the Venmo app installed on their device can use it on your checkout screen.

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Payment withheld paypal

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Secure paypal payments

A payment service provider[1] (PSP) is a company that handles the integration of online payment methods in e-commerce stores. PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or American Express stand out.

Instead of having to deal with many individual contractors, an online retailer only has to negotiate with one supplier when deciding on a PSP. In most cases, this is a software-as-a-service license, through which many payment methods can be activated and deactivated individually with just a few clicks.

Due to the intermediary nature of the PSP, there is no customer relationship between the vendor and the payment solution. This limits the options available for customer service in the form of special offers or dispute resolution, for example in the event of non-payment.

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Each merchant remains responsible for its own actions, i.e. it must ensure that the selected provider respects the guidelines, e.g. with regard to data protection. This can become critical if the dealer is located in a country with stricter regulations.