Is payment gateway secure?

Is payment gateway secure?

Transaction denied by the payment gateway

Payment gateways are the service that allows online stores to charge customers by exchanging data between the seller’s bank and the buyer’s bank.

We can say, therefore, that a payment gateway is nothing more than the famous ‘POS (Point of Sale Terminal)’, but oriented towards the Internet. As we can imagine from the definition, the exchange of data must always be done securely, but let’s see how they really work.

As we can see, payment gateways are nothing more than mere intermediaries that control that the operation complies with security guarantees for both parties, buyer and seller; therefore, the more secure and reliable a payment gateway is, the better the customer’s experience in the online store, improving their overall perception of the brand and their level of trust and satisfaction.

If the website platform also has an API (Application Programming Interface) specifically for payment methods, its integration and compatibility will be more complete and customized, allowing the web development team to integrate the gateway directly into the website with the advantages we have already mentioned.

What is a payment platform

Here we want to talk a little about the 5 most popular online payment platforms that exist today and that can be used precisely to make payments without leaving home.

For many, the online payment platform par excellence, one of the most used around the world with more than 137 million active accounts in 193 countries and in 26 different currencies. With PayPal it is very easy to buy online without leaving home, even has its own mobile application to manage all payments from the phone.

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Although many more payment platforms have appeared, PayPal is still one of the most widely used. However, it does have some disadvantages (and reasons why many have switched to other platforms). As long as the payment is between friends, and in the same country, there is no commission, but when it comes to paying for a purchase or sending money outside the country, there is a commission that sometimes has to be paid by both the sender and the receiver.

Payment gateway examples

If you have an online store, one of the first things you should think about is the security of your business. If your customers don’t feel secure when making a purchase, they will leave, even if you have the best prices on the market.

That is why, throughout this post, we are going to see some basic points that you should know to increase and improve the security of your eCommerce, the confidence in your products and the user experience. Are you ready?

For example, if the consumers of your products come from different countries, the payment gateway should be adjusted to the local methods used by your customers in their places of origin. For example: WeChat in China. Offering local payment methods in cross-border transactions is an excellent way to reduce fraud in your store. In addition, having the payment methods they usually use is vital to increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, the provider must take into account the security standards regulated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Thanks to SSL protocols, transaction data between banks, issuing institution and online store are encrypted and will let you know when a server is secure.

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What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateways are fundamental tools in eCommerce businesses because they offer security and confidence to online transactions. They function as virtual POS, which authorize credit card payments from web or mobile applications. In other words, they are platforms that facilitate online payments through the Internet.

With more than 300 million users worldwide, Amazon Pay has become one of the most attractive online payment options for online shopping. In addition, it has its own payment gateway, similar to PayPal, which we will mention later, and is capable of integrating with popular eCommerce solutions such as Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce or Shopify, among others.

Customers can pay via the web, with their mobile device or with Alexa Skills and choose between several types of transactions: immediate charge, deferred payment, recurring payment, simultaneous purchases and returns. In addition, their purchase is protected by Amazon Pay’s A to Z guarantee, which guarantees product condition and on-time delivery.

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