Is Payflow Link Safe?

Is Payflow Link Safe?


Researching and selecting a payment gateway can be a difficult task. Setting it up correctly on your own can take days. Sekure will guide you through choosing the right shopping cart and the best gateway for your needs. Then we take care of the configuration so you can get up and running.

When we say we have an e-commerce payment solution for everyone, we mean it. No matter what industry you’re in, we have a secure and affordable solution for you to increase your online sales.

When you work with Sekure, your personal ETA-certified payment professional is just a live chat or phone call away. It’s their job to handle these issues for you, thinking about what’s best for you.

Sekure has an e-commerce solution waiting for you. We crush the competition in solutions, rates, equipment and support to meet all your needs, so you can invest your time and money in your business, the way it should be. Start accepting online payments today.


A friend and I have been delighted with MerchantPlus a merchant account provider and reseller of I think is the de facto standard. I’ve had to use their customer service only a little bit, but I was pleased with that interaction.

In any case, you’re going to have to deal with credit checks, etc. Not fun at all, especially for internet stuff. Since all transactions fall into the “No Card Present” category (the worst for fraud), your expenses are going to be higher.

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Payflow Link, which processes low to moderate levels of transactions per month and wants a simple solution that requires minimal site development, is a secure order form that is easily linked from the Web site. Payflow Link allows you to process up to 500 transactions per month without incurring additional transaction fees.

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Payment Order – The transfer of funds electronically from Bank to Bank, with the instruction to be paid or credited to a Beneficiary’s account Credit Cards – Foreign or domestic.

The Verisign service ‘perfectly complements the current payment service,’ said PayPal President Jeff Jordan. This acquisition enables PayPal to offer our customers more payment opportunities and to increase our customer service….

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October 10, 2021 adminPaypal payment gatewaySquare contentIn addition, all Payflow features explained in this guide are not necessarily available to all Payflow customers. This section will help you determine whether you should use this document and which sections of the document are relevant to you.

Legacy Payflow Pro sellers should use this guide; however, these sellers can only use the API integration and do not have the Hosted Checkout Pages service. If you are a legacy Payflow Pro merchant, skip the section on Configuring Hosted Checkout Pages.Paypal Payment Gateway AccessA payment gateway provides the merchant with access to payment processing networks. When a merchant signs up for a payment gateway, they can retain that gateway even if they change banks.

Note: You can also get a Payflow Pro account without having to present your credit card (for now) by signing up for a trial account. This free trial will expire in 30 days and you will be asked to enter a credit card that will be billed.

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