Is open banking mandatory?

Is open banking mandatory?

Open banking how it works

The organizations of the financial system are constantly updating their security mechanisms in their digital channels, such as mobile banking and internet banking, but there are also some tips that, if followed, can help to reinforce security at all levels.

Another important piece of information is to try to have, as far as possible, the bank’s application updated and if it is the first time it is downloaded, make sure that it is the official one. Once you have downloaded the correct ‘app’, its use will be even safer compared to a standard computer, since there are fewer cyber threats for a ‘smartphone’, although it is always good to protect it with an antivirus.

And if it is your turn to make transactions from mobile banking, in the Peruvian financial system there are SMS Key and Digital Token functionalities to confirm the operation. Both are secure mechanisms and should never be shared with third parties.

The transfer and adaptation of banking security technology from a physical world to a digital world is in full deployment. The digital token is one example. As technology advances, banks are focused on improving the user experience and ensuring that all transactions are secure and that customer privacy is protected.


Tuya opened call for fintechs to strengthen its Open Banking modelThe consulting firm Bain & Company expressed that the implementation of Open Banking, a system that provides the possibility of free access to customer data of banking entities will transform the relationship between the financial system, users and industries.

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“This new understanding of user data will create an ecosystem of innovative and competitive services around the financial system, creating new business opportunities, while promoting the adoption of more intuitive and convenient digital banking services, which promises to be a driver for financial inclusion in the country,” said Diego Santamaria, Partner at Bain & Company Colombia.

Examples from around the world demonstrate the benefits of implementing open banking in terms of flexibility and financial inclusion. According to the consulting firm, services such as Aadhaar in India, which has more than 1.2 billion subscribers, have accelerated the adoption of financial services in the Asian country. Meanwhile, a robust API ecosystem such as Singapore’s has promoted the consolidation of a competitive and innovative service offering.

Open banking examples

The purpose of this measure is to reinforce the security of online purchases. To do this, in some cases we will send you a notification to your cell phone where you will need to identify yourself to confirm the transaction.

These new security measures contribute to make your online payments even more secure, so you can make your purchases with total peace of mind, that is why it is very important that we have your data updated.

Previously you received a code via SMS to confirm some transactions. With this new regulation, these purchases will require you to identify yourself to confirm them: reinforcing their security.

However, the regulation foresees some exceptions, which are at the Bank’s discretion, that will allow you to finalize the purchase without going through this process, therefore in some occasions you will not receive this message/notification when making an online purchase.

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In order to continue shopping online, it will be essential that you have updated your data at Banco Santander (telephone associated with the Digital Banking contract and password to Online Banking), to receive the message/notification that will allow you to identify yourself and authorize online purchases and/or access to the App and Online Banking.

Open banking

Jens Weidmann, President of the Federal Bank of Germany, has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIS since November 2015. The CEO has been the Mexican Agustín Carstens since December 1, 2017.

As a result of allegations about the BIS having helped the Germans to plunder the assets of occupied countries during World War II, the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference recommended the liquidation of the BIS as soon as possible.[5][6] This task, which was originally proposed by Norway and supported by other European delegates and by Morgenthau and White was never adopted.[7] In July 1944, Archison was elected to the Board of Directors of the BIS.[8] In July 1944, Archison was elected to the Board of the BIS.

In July 1944, Archison interrupted Keynes at a meeting because he feared that the BIS would be dissolved by U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Keynes turned to Henry Morgenthau to prevent the dissolution of the BIS, or at least postpone it. However, the next day the dissolution was approved. The British delegation did not give in and the dissolution of the bank was suspended until after Roosevelt’s death. In April 1945, the British and the new U.S. president, Harry S. Truman, stopped the dissolution of BIS.

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