Is non payment of council tax a criminal Offence?

Is non payment of council tax a criminal Offence?

Penalty for tax evasion in mexico

To be a supplier of any formal company you will need your tax status certificate. Not being up to date with the SAT can make you lose potential clients or prevent your current clients from paying you, since the Tax Administration Service can block or cancel your stamps to issue invoices.

However, it is important for you to know that the Tax Administration Service carries out the seizure when the taxpayer fails to pay within 45 days, once the taxpayer is notified of the requirement to pay a tax credit.

Another possible consequence of not filing your return is the cancellation of digital stamps, also known as civil death. In case this happens to you, you will not be able to issue invoices until you approach the SAT to clarify your situation and they decide whether to “lift your punishment” or not.

If you want to know more about each of the tax regimes, we recommend you to read our specialized posts about individuals with business activity, the differences between individuals and legal entities and the most complete guide about legal entities.

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The Executive Power shall issue the organic regulations of said office, establishing the powers of its Director, including the possibility of delegating tasks and especially the provisions of Article 60 of the Tax Code.

Article 12º.- In the accounting and in the results of the operations carried out by the entities included in the preceding article, fractions of up to N$ 0.05 (five hundredths) shall be discarded and fractions of N$ 0.06 (six hundredths) and upwards shall be taken as N$ 0.10 (ten hundredths).

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Article 13 of Law 8.292 of September 24, 1918 and 2nd of Law 8.292 of September 24, 1928, and in general on any movable individualizable property belonging to the taxpayer, responsible party or third party, as a guarantee for tax obligations, social security benefits and pecuniary sanctions.

Article 14º.- The provisions of articles 1, 2, 5 to 9 and 10, as amended by article 42 of Law 13,608 of September 8, 1967, and articles 11 to 23 of Law 5,649 of March 21, 1918 and articles 3 and 5 of Law 8,292 of September 24, 1928, shall be applicable to the pledges referred to in the preceding article, as applicable.

Tax evasion examples

Article 1°.- (Scope of Application) The provisions of this Code establish the principles, institutions, procedures and fundamental norms that regulate the legal regime of the Bolivian tax system and are applicable to all taxes of a national, departmental, municipal and university nature.

Article 2°.- (Spatial Scope) Tax regulations are applicable within the territorial scope subject to the regulatory power of the competent body to dictate them, unless more restricted territorial limits are established therein.

In the case of customs duties, except as provided for in international agreements or special laws, the spatial scope is constituted by the national territory and the geographical areas of foreign territories where the customs power governs, by virtue of international treaties or agreements signed by the State.

Article 7°.- (Customs Duties) In accordance with the provisions of international agreements and conventions ratified by the Constitution, the Executive Power, by means of a Supreme Decree, shall establish the rate of the Customs Duties applicable to the importation of goods when the compensation duties and antidumping duties are applicable.

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Tax evasion in mexico: causes and solutions

Article 2The regulation of the economic resources established in this Foral Law, has the purpose of guaranteeing the full effectiveness of the constitutional principles of autonomy and financial sufficiency necessary for the exercise of the competencies and functions that the laws attribute to the local entities.

The Treasury of the municipalities shall be made up of all the resources listed in the preceding article under the terms and with the special features set forth in this Foral Law.

Article 7. Resources of the Councils .1. The councils shall have the same non-tax resources as the municipalities, with the exception of urban development fees. 2. The councils may not levy any taxes other than rates and special contributions.

Article 10 bis.  Resources of the commonwealths of services and of the commonwealths of general planning. The commonwealths of general planning shall have the same economic resources provided for the commonwealths in Article 10 of the present provincial law.By means of a provincial law, the commonwealth of general planning may be attributed management, collection and tax inspection powers relating to the services it provides.CHAPTER II. Provisions common to all leviesSection 1. General rules

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