Is IVF a painful process?

Is IVF a painful process?

In vitro fertilization price

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Feeling a little dizzy, the bump has subsided a bit, and lower back is achingly painful … let the pregnancy detective games begin …! What’s going on!!! #27weeks #pregnant #in vitro fertilization, says @AspiringMummy.

ICSI is an assisted reproduction technique that is usually used when there are serious infertility problems, especially when we talk about male infertility, since it is not necessary for the sperm to move to perform it.

Artificial insemination

Embryo transfer is one of the most awaited phases by patients who undergo assisted reproduction treatments and, therefore, one of those that generate the most doubts and concerns. Above all, regarding the symptoms they feel after the embryo transfer. This phase takes place after the preparation of the endometrium and with the embryo previously fertilized in the laboratory.

Brownish or pinkish spots or blood spotting may appear after the embryo transfer or in the days immediately following. They are caused by possible friction with the walls of the cervix caused during the passage of the catheter during the embryo transfer.

In treatments in which the administration of hCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is indicated after the transfer, this symptom is normal. In addition, it can also be a symptom of pregnancy.

The absence or appearance of these symptoms is not indicative of pregnancy or that the embryo transfer has gone badly, it depends very much on each case and each person and on whether more or less hormones are administered that present these effects. It will not be until 14 days later (approximately) when pregnancy tests are performed to know if we have a positive result.

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In vitro fertilization hurts

The growth of several follicles in the ovary is achieved thanks to the administration of a personalized hormonal treatment depending on the ovarian reserve, the Body Mass Index (BMI), the age of each woman and her medical history.

Ovarian stimulation medication can also be modified depending on the patient’s response or the type of treatment. For example, ovarian stimulation medications and their dosage are not the same for In Vitro Fertilization as they are for egg donation.

As the menstrual cycle progresses and depending on the hormone levels, the so-called “follicular recruitment” occurs, and only one of the follicles is able to respond to the hormones and develop. The rest will be lost.

Around day 14 of the cycle, there is an increase in hormone (LH) and its peak causes ovulation: the follicle in the ovary ruptures, the egg is released and the fallopian tube is responsible for capturing it so that it can be fertilized.

In patients who undergo IVF with fresh transfer, after the follicular puncture it is necessary to prepare the endometrium for the future implantation of the embryo. If this is your case, we will instruct you to take progesterone from the same day or the day after the puncture and for several days, in order to increase the thickness of the endometrium before the embryo transfer.

Is ivf a painful process? 2022

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