Is it cheaper to pay car insurance in full?

Is it cheaper to pay car insurance in full?

Car insurance for 6 months

Once it has been decided which policy is the most convenient to contract, the next step is to provide the data of the car and the driver to the insurer so that it can make a previous study, which will serve as a reference to offer the budget. Therefore, it is possible that the same vehicle in the hands of a different driver may have a different premium. These are very important data since the insurer has to evaluate the level of risk it runs by insuring someone.

When looking for cheap car insurance you have to take into account how it is calculated. The insurers take as a reference a series of variables such as the characteristics of the vehicle to be insured and the risk profile of the driver. We have carried out an analysis with the cheapest car insurances on the market, and for this we have used these two risk profiles:

In terms of coverage, the truth is that they do not have major differences. And the fact is that the four products only have the guarantees of compulsory civil liability, travel assistance and legal defense. They are simple and quite straightforward products that cover the just and necessary coverage required by the regulations in order to be able to circulate.

Cheap car insurance

The SegurCaixa Auto policy automatically covers all standard accessories or optional elements without the need to expressly declare them. In addition, also without declaration, it covers other accessories up to a limit of 1,500 € (first risk).

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The fully comprehensive insurance with excess can be taken out for new vehicles from the dealership. If the vehicle was already owned by you or you have acquired it second hand from a private individual or dealer, you can opt for the fully comprehensive insurance with excess, extended third party or third party with moons.

We will advise you by telephone about the steps to take in the appeals of fines. Likewise, we will manage discharges and ordinary appeals against these sanctions from the Traffic Law. In addition, SegurCaixa Auto covers the cost of registration to the course for the total or partial recovery of points, from the loss of 4 points.

The change of tires due to a puncture is included in the SegurCaixa Auto policy, as well as other unforeseen circumstances, such as running out of fuel or losing the keys of the vehicle. Consult all the coverages included in travel assistance.

The insurance is paid every month

Beyond the monthly car insurance, there are other payment methods when it comes to contracting car insurance so that it does not destabilize your economy. And without giving up the protection you really need; either a comprehensive insurance or an insurance that allows you to pay only for the days you use your car. So, you can choose between:

Insurance by the week is ideal for those situations where you need protection but taking out an annual policy is not cost-effective. They can be contracted for cars as well as for trucks, motorcycles, trailers and tractor-trailers. There are specialized insurance companies dedicated to market exclusively (and online) insurance for weeks, such as In their case, for car, motorcycle or truck.

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Car insurance for 3 months

The current coronavirus crisis has made it clear that circumstances can change completely, to the point of turning our way of life upside down. However, it is also true that other things remain the same, such as the need for car insurance. At Línea Directa we want to offer you all possible facilities to guarantee your safety. For that reason, and taking into account the current situation, we have made available to you the car insurance that you can pay month by month. Do you want to know more?

We know that each driver has their own needs, and that is why at Línea Directa we have different types of car insurance to adapt to each customer depending on the coverage they need. In addition to being able to pay your car insurance month by month, you have the convenience of being able to take out your policy online. To do so, you only need to click on the button “Calculate your price” and our online calculator will make the necessary calculations to estimate the price based on the data you provide.

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