Is Invisalign cheaper than braces UK?

Is Invisalign cheaper than braces UK?

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In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, “everyone was dabbling in dentistry,” says Rachel Bairsto, curator of the British Dental Association’s museum in central London.

In addition, Bairsto says there is evidence of human tooth implants before the Battle of Waterloo, a battle fought between the French army commanded by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and British, Dutch and German troops led by the Duke of Wellington on June 18, 1815, near the town of Waterloo, Belgium.

With the English advertisement in the image above, published in 1792, teeth were ordered from abroad – from the “continent”, alluding to continental Europe – and then inserted into dentures for rich people with unhealthy mouths.

In the images below you can see two examples, with the top and bottom pieces held in place by springs.They were ingenious for the time, but probably uncomfortable to wear and eat with, as well as prone to fall out easily.


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Big data refers to a set of data so large and complex that computer applications are needed to process it.

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Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines. Although it sounds a bit like science fiction, it basically means that the computer processes the data, analyzes it and learns from it. This process is also called machine learning. Thanks to this machine learning, the software that moves the teeth will be better.

Let’s take an example: If a doctor always puts an attachment on a lateral incisor when it is rotated more than 5º, through machine learning the software will learn and in the next case that it detects that rotation in a lateral incisor, it will automatically put the attachment. This would be artificial intelligence.

We can go one step further. If after analyzing 1 million class II patients, the software observes that for every 1 mm of distalization a degree of torque is lost, what it will do is learn and from that moment on, it will automatically increase 1 mm of torque for every mm of distalization in class II. We will also expand our knowledge of the biology of dental movement, since we will have objective information on the ideal amounts of tooth movement. These two examples would be applying artificial intelligence to big data.

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