Is Ford Fiesta a luxury car?

Is Ford Fiesta a luxury car?

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The first thing that strikes the Ford Fiesta ST Edition is its tuning. I think it is the key to everything, even above the power of the three-cylinder block and 200 hp. The Fiesta ST Edition modifies the suspension thanks to coilover type shock absorbers and adjustable in 12 positions to achieve an ideal setting at all times, even on the track.

This Ford also has stiffer springs and a lowered height: 15 millimeters for the front axle and 10 mm for the rear. As it can not be otherwise, it has all the dynamic gadgets available in this vehicle, such as the Performance Package that stands out for its self-locking differential or the ‘Launch Control’ system to improve starts.

Where there are no changes is in the engine, where the 200 hp and 290 Nm of torque remain intact. There are also no changes in the fantastic six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive with Torque Vectoring Control system to adjust the torque and get maximum traction at all times.

New Ford Fiesta

If we focus on the Active, some of the elements mentioned are perfectly recognizable despite the camouflage that includes this prototype, however, others have been buried by the same, more intense in the back of the car than in the front.

However, in the front of the Ford Fiesta 2022 we will also find changes from the current model, especially in the bumper, but also a grille that promises to be more aggressive and headlights with LED technology and different light signature.

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Inside, technology is the main protagonist, but there are also notable improvements in areas such as ergonomics and overall perceived quality. Some controls change their position and there are greater possibilities for customization and lighting, to conceive a more colorful Fiesta and at the same time, more complete. The driving assistants and the multimedia system based on a 12.3-inch screen are the great beneficiaries of the restyling in terms of equipment.

Ford fiesta discontinued

More efficient and avant-garde than ever, the new Fiesta also debuts a new version of the three-cylinder Ecoboost with selective disconnection of a cylinder (never seen before) in low-load conditions and engine demand with no less than 200 hp, which incorporates the Fiesta ST (not to be confused with the ST Line trim versions). Thus, this Fiesta ST is presented as the most powerful of the range, with its 200 hp and 29.6 mkg, achieved from a 1.5-liter engine and 3 cylinders, turbocharged and powered by direct injection, which catapults him in 6.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and is also the first Fiesta that presents the possibility of choosing between three different driving modes (normal, sport and track).

In any case, while this line is being fine-tuned, the basic trim level of the new Fiesta will be embodied by the Trend and Trend +. Then we could not miss the sporty ST Line version, with a more “racing” look based on large 17″ wheels, side skirts, rear diffuser and spoiler, chrome exhaust, black honeycomb grille … And of course, with a sportier interior based on wraparound seats, frame, equipment … With harder and lowered suspension, anticipates the image already offered by the Fiesta ST, the sportiest of the entire range with its 200 hp engine.

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Ford Fiesta cars

The Ford Fiesta is the brand’s quintessential youth utility vehicle in Europe. Designed to move with agility through the cities, it has reduced dimensions and efficient mechanics that allow a responsible consumption. It is a versatile model, with a wide range of possible configurations.

There are other models that have been successfully developed, on a par with the Ford Fiesta, for example, the aforementioned Ford Focus, which inherits the compact car philosophy. Or models like the Ford Kuga, with a more adventurous character or the Ford S-Max, a comfortable minivan that maintains a dynamic style. Without forgetting the Ford Mondeo, a spacious sedan that brings a lot of comfort and presence.