Is financing a laptop a good idea?

Is financing a laptop a good idea?

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Consumer financing is basically a sales tool that businesses have at their disposal so that their customers can pay for their purchases in a deferred manner. Most consumer credits usually range between 200€ and 20,000€, and are normally intended for purchases of appliances, furnishing the house, a car, wedding expenses, travel… These loans expire in the short or medium term.

Our company can sign a formalized contract with a financial institution, from that moment the company itself has the power to process the necessary documentation to grant a consumer credit to the customer with the conditions previously set by the bank. More and more companies are offering this type of service to their customers.

Most customers are looking to buy without complicating their lives by seeking financing and when selling our company must offer payment deferment services to facilitate the purchase to our consumers.


In our pc gaming section you will find the most powerful laptops and desktop PC’s for your games. Discover the best gaming computers developed to get the best performance. Also, get all the gaming components you need: gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets and much more, take advantage of our exclusive prices!

Become a top shooter with the best choice of shooter gaming accessories. From virtual reality headsets and goggles, to greeps or specific headsets for online gaming.

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Headsets are an essential accessory to feel immersed in the game and not disturb those around us. Find out what to consider when choosing your headset and squeeze the most out of your video games.

Is it worth buying a Gamer Laptop?

Whether it’s one of the best Chinese tablets, one of our cheap Samsung tablets or one of the best cheap 10-inch tablets, you’ll find them here! Apple, Brigmton, Huawei, Innjoo, SPC and many others are the brands you can find on our website, are you going to miss it?

Apple, Brigmton, Huawei, Innjoo, SPC… what are the best value for money tablets? Once again, the best Chinese tablets or from other sources will depend on the tastes and needs of each one. Because, depending on whether you are looking for the best cheap 10-inch tablets or if you are thinking of buying a tablet financed to work, you should opt for one brand or another.

So, if you are looking for the best Chinese tablets you should pay special attention to brands like Huawei or Innjoo. On the other hand, if you want to go for national brands, SPC or Brigmton tablets are what you are looking for. But, if you are one of those who do not want to try new brands, we recommend that you bet on cheap Samsung tablets or iPads.

Before buying a Gaming PC, check this out!

Buying a laptop at MediaMarkt is not a no-brainer considering the amount of advertising and offers they frequently launch. However, we thoroughly analyze their catalog, compare them and do the same with their sales conditions.

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The offer of AMD laptops reaches 20, while the rest of the laptops are Intel (73) and Apple (2). It is still a predominantly Intel catalog with little AMD. Within the Ryzen chips, they sell many from previous generations.

However, we have seen many laptops with Intel Tiger Lake-U, i.e. 11th generation; also, 10th generation. So, Intel’s presence is more than clear and it seems that it may be a matter of manufacturers and not laptop choice.

To be fair, we have filtered the MediaMarkt laptop by best sellers (usually the best deals appear), we have taken 4 laptops (MM best sellers) to compare them with Amazon or PcComponents. We know that Apple products have practically the same price in all stores by brand standards, but it is not the same for the others.

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