Is EMA a benefit?

Is EMA a benefit?

Innovative security features such as automatic encryption of all contents and the construction of a closed proprietary system have made EMA® so far one of the most secure solutions in the legal digital archiving environment. With our new “TrustedEMA” concept we now go one step further: EMA® becomes the first archive appliance worldwide that works exclusively with the Trusted Computing Standard (TC).

Almost all conventional systems and security mechanisms have a fundamental flaw: they are potentially vulnerable when third parties are able to access the hardware. Trusted EMA®, by comparison, guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized manipulation through additional links and becomes a tamper-proof safe for your data.

In this way, Trusted EMA® monitors, for example, the individual internal authorization and access policies that you have assigned to your users, thus complying with the 4-eyes principle at all times.

The EMA affirms that the advantages are greater than those of the accreditation of laboratories.

Act by which an accreditation entity recognizes the technical competence and reliability of testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, clinical laboratories, verification units (inspection bodies), proficiency testing providers, reference material producers and certification bodies for Conformity Assessment.

In the past, the accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies in Mexico was carried out by the federal government through the General Directorate of Standards of the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development (today Ministry of Economy).

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EMA starts continuous testing of Chinese vaccine

Luis Fabian Sanchez Vidales, Deputy Coordinator of Verification Units, Mexican Accreditation Entity, explained that this entity is dedicated to accredit the recognition of the technical competence of verification units, testing, calibration, clinical, forensic laboratories, etc. of which it is important to comply with the regulations.

Eduardo Ricaud Gamboa, General Director of Laboratorio de Calibración de Metrología y Pruebas, S.A. de C.V. and Leader of GER SONORA, said that this group spreads who are the organisms, laboratories or businesses that have the required quality and are also accredited and certified to provide it to the user who requests their service.

The standards are made to use them, follow them and have a safer life, that is why the seminar will be focused on providing information, exemplified with videos, of the steps to follow to achieve accreditation and the benefits of it.

AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid vaccine has more benefits than

This is what he said at a press conference on Tuesday about the development of a vaccine with a different composition to deal with Omicron. “The international scientific community and vaccine developers are encouraging alternatives, such as an updated monovalent Omicron vaccine,” he said.

“From the regulators’ point of view, companies should explore the feasibility of developing bivalent or multivalent variant vaccines to determine whether they offer advantages over monovalent vaccines in terms of neutralizing other variants of interest,” Cavalieri maintains.

“Considering not only a monovalent vaccine, but perhaps also a bivalent vaccine or a multivalent vaccine helps to have a ‘portfolio’ to make a decision on which vaccines to put on the market. It’s very important that we manage different options, and we also can’t exclude that a vaccine just for Omicron might have good coverage for all other variants,” he said.

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