Is CIS self employed?

Is CIS self employed?

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The main objective of Prison Work and Employment Training is to achieve the labor insertion of all inmates through training and work, providing them with knowledge and work habits so that, once released, they can compete on equal terms with the rest of the citizens.

The objective of this plan is to cover the training deficiencies of persons deprived of liberty and to improve their professional qualification in order to facilitate their social and labor reinsertion through the provision of vocational training courses inside the Centers.

As a result of this training, the students receive the recognition of having acquired a professional qualification recognizable on the outside that facilitates their incorporation into a productive activity both inside the center and outside.

Among these actions are those of Urban and Industrial Waste Management, with a duration of 150 hours, which are managed within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement with ECOEMBES. The contents of the course are those established in the Urban and Industrial Waste Management Manual prepared by ECOEMBES and printed in the Graphic Arts Workshop of the Madrid III Penitentiary Center – Valdemoro.

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The judge concludes that it cannot be affirmed that the worker “acted in the CIS assignment with full autonomy” and recalls that the CIS provided the project to the pollster, established its work area, “prefixed and perfectly delimited”, as well as the “age and sex brackets” of the people to be interviewed, among other circumstances. The CIS also gave the pollster an identification card of the organization, as well as a tablet to carry out the work. All the elements analyzed lead the magistrate to conclude that there is a discontinuous relationship between the parties.

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In addition to regulating the work of those persons registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), this document introduces the obligation to opt for temporary disability coverage and recognizes the figure of the Economically Dependent Self-Employed Worker (TRADE).

The figure of the limited liability entrepreneur is defined, which means that he/she guarantees his/her personal assets against debts incurred. It also establishes the “second opportunity for the entrepreneur&rdquor and facilitates the administrative procedures for the creation of companies with the appearance of the Entrepreneur Attention Points (Puntos de Atención al Emprendedor).

In this document, all the contingencies that until now had been voluntary, such as protection for termination of activity and professional contingencies, are included on a mandatory basis.

With Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation, certain measures were established to improve the reconciliation between work and family life of self-employed workers.

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The Barometer published by ATA also highlights the increase in the delay time suffered by the self-employed to collect outstanding invoices. At the end of 2014 the percentage had dropped to 22.5% those self-employed workers who collected between three and six months; today it is slightly higher, 23%. But if you take into account those who get paid even later, after 90 days, the percentage rises to 50%, or in other words, one out of every two self-employed does not collect the money from their invoices for their work until after 90 days.

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