Is child benefit paid on the same day each month?

Is child benefit paid on the same day each month?

Ips payment date

Article 1°.- The Social Security Code is a set of rules aimed at protecting the health of the country’s human capital, the continuity of their means of subsistence, the application of adequate measures for the rehabilitation of disabled persons and the granting of the necessary means for the improvement of the living conditions of the family group.

Article 2°.- The application of the social security regulations shall be carried out by means of this Code constituted by the Compulsory Social Security, the Family Allowances and its special provisions, which are mandatory for all persons and institutions included in the field of application of this Code.

Article 8: Nationals working abroad on behalf of the State or Bolivian employers, provided they are paid by the latter, are compulsorily subject to disability, old age and death insurance.

Article 9°.- The workers mentioned in Article 6 who become passive and receive disability, old age or total permanent disability benefits shall continue to receive sickness and maternity insurance benefits. The workers mentioned in Article 6º who become passive receiving disability, old age or permanent total disability income shall continue receiving the Family Allowances.

Renew family allowance online 2021

In order to access the family allowance in cash, workers must prove their entitlement by submitting the affiliation form filled out in full, with the required documents in accordance with the law.    The form must be entered in the database no later than three days after its receipt.

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For the liquidation of the monetary family subsidy the company must previously pay the parafiscal contributions within the terms established by decree 1464 of 2005, as long as the labor relationship of the workers with the company is in force.

By credit to payroll account: The affiliated workers who receive their salary through a bank account, must provide it in order to deposit the monthly monetary family allowance.

By credit card: The worker who chooses this form of payment must go to the Integral Service Center located at 14#14-66 in Valledupar or to the offices of the Caja in Aguachica, Codazzi, El Copey, La Loma and La Jagua, present his citizenship card -the mother of the affiliated children can also pick up the card-, and will be given a rechargeable card and instructions for its use.

Family subsidy payment date

Subsidies for services offered through programs developed by the family compensation funds, such as education, training, libraries, recreation, tourism, housing, credit, senior citizens and the disabled. For these services, the family compensation funds set differential rates according to the salary of the affiliated workers:

Once the company’s affiliation to the family compensation fund has been accepted, the employer must send all the documents proving whether or not its workers are beneficiaries of the Family Subsidy, together with the workers’ registration forms to be provided by the respective fund.

Once registered, the family compensation fund issues a card to its members, which allows them to use its services according to their category, without having to pay additional amounts for the use of a card.

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If the worker has not provided the necessary evidence to prove that he/she is entitled to the Family Subsidy, the corresponding quota expires, month by month, as long as the employer has timely paid the contributions required by law through a family compensation fund.

Single Family Allowance

This is a one-time cash benefit paid by the State to families who, as of September 30, were beneficiaries of Family Allowance (SUF) or Family or Maternity Allowance (AFAM). It will also be given to individuals or families who, as of the same date, were users of the Chile Solidario or Seguridades y Oportunidades (Ingreso Ético Familiar) subsystems.

Only when the situation is regularized by the respective service or employer municipality -and after this regularization is duly reported to the Superintendence of Social Security- the employee will be able to access the Bono Ayuda Familiar.

No, but in order to access the Bono Ayuda Familiar the person must first regularize his/her situation directly with his/her employer, so that he/she complies with the obligation to pay the family allowances and then request the retroactive payment of the same through the Previred portal.

The law always prioritizes the mother who lives with her children for the purpose of collecting family allowances directly, even without the knowledge or consent of the beneficiary who has them registered as dependents.

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