Is BACS safe?

Is BACS safe?

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After this, the same entities saw the possibility not only of offering these mandatory services, but also, through alliances with insurance companies, to include in their portfolios voluntary policies that today include coverage such as all risk for vehicles; support for homes in case of fire, earthquakes and landslides; programs for illnesses and accidental death; and even shielding after theft of savings accounts or credit cards.

“Insurance is part of the value proposition of the entities and its purpose is to provide peace of mind to customers and their families in the event of fortuitous events, guaranteeing the payment of the obligations they have acquired and also providing coverage in specific situations such as unemployment or disability,” said Esperanza Pérez Mora, vice president of mass business at Banco Caja Social.

The process to acquire them is easy, these policies are not services that charge more than $100,000 from the first month and on the contrary what they seek is that their payment does not impact so much on the pocket, so they are products that on average range from $15,000 to $20,000 per policy, which are charged directly from the account.

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You probably have a credit card. You probably also remember talking to your credit card manager about the fact that it had life insurance associated with it. But the truth is that most of us tend to pay rather little attention to this type of documents and information. Thus, if someone were to ask us, for example, how the life insurance associated with our credit card works, we would not know how to answer. In this article we will talk specifically about how credit card life insurance works.

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Do we pay for this associated life insurance? Generally, no. Normally we are offered these policies free of charge, however most financial institutions charge the amount of the policy on the maintenance costs of the card itself, so we actually pay for it “without paying for it”, or rather, without paying for it directly.

The main function of this coverage is to protect the possible credit available on the card balance in case of death. In other words, in the event of the cardholder’s death, the insurance would cover the debt, so that the heirs would not have to pay the debt.

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We are of course excited to think about building our residence, buying a new car, celebrating a spectacular vacation with our family, planning our children’s wedding parties, all these topics give us satisfaction from the moment we start to consider them, they are totally pleasant thoughts and give us enormous satisfaction when we see them come true.

However, there is one need, which by the way is the most important, that we do not think about, and that is what would happen if for some reason, today leaving my office or my house I would die. It is definitely a thought that we do not want to have, it is really uncomfortable, but the crucial question is: Is there a possibility of premature death, the answer is yes.

To analyze this possibility, of no longer being in this world, we should not do it for ourselves, really the need to think, what would happen if I die in the short term, is for the people we love the most, for those who are going to live, to think about this possibility, analyze it and make the decision to leave the life of my loved ones without economic problems, it is a decision of love.

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San José, Dec 19 (Elpaí – One of the biggest concerns of people when making transactions over the Internet is the protection of their data and becomes more relevant when the pandemic has accelerated the process of digitization of financial services, which generates a greater risk of falling into the trap of cybercriminals.

In addition, it protects against other types of dangers for mobile devices such as viruses, malware or other types of malicious programs that could cause harm to the user, not only through electronic banking.

This is a group insurance called Online Banking and registered with the Superintendencia General de Seguros (SUGESE) with code G07-49-A07-824. The policy was contracted by BAC Credomatic, on behalf of its clients, with Aseguradora del Istmo (ADISA, license: A07) and brokered by BAC Credomatic Corredora de Seguros S.A. (license: SC-12-116). (license: SC-12-116).

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