Is Audi Q3 worth buying?

Is Audi Q3 worth buying?

Audi q3 sportback reviews

The next steps in electrification are light hybrid cars and hybrid cars, two technologies, which allow to obtain the ECO label from the Dirección General de Tráfico. The first, the light hybrids, cannot be driven electrically because the system helps in some phases such as starting or start/stop. The latter, the hybrids, can run on electric power but only for a few meters or kilometers.

A new step in electrification are the plug-in hybrid cars, which are the protagonists of today’s information. This type of car works with two engines: a combustion engine and an electric motor. In addition, it has a high-voltage battery that powers the electric motor.

All this allows the car to run in electric mode for dozens of kilometers. And when the electricity runs out, it is then driven by the combustion engine. This type of vehicle has the zero label and it is convenient to have a ‘plug’ to recharge it almost every day.

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The Audi Q3 is 4.4 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.61 meters high. We are facing a compact SUV that is designed to offer versatility in day-to-day and weekend trips, but little more.

The straight lines, the defined angles, and the large grille, tell us of a vehicle that mixes sportiness and technology in equal parts. It is a modern SUV with aggressive overtones that will appeal to the young buyer. In this version there are sports fenders, S line emblems, aluminum moldings on the edges of the doors, and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

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The interior has an atmosphere that leans much more towards the technological side than the sporty, with a sober dashboard and straight lines where the infotainment system screen is housed, few buttons (something that is appreciated), and with inserts of tasteful materials.

If what you expect are bucket seats with maximum lateral support, that’s not what you’ll find in the Audi Q3 2021, but remember that this van is not a vehicle designed for dynamism, but to provide comfort in everyday life in the city, and in that it complies quite well. The space in the rear is contained, and the trunk is adequate.

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A model for all those who do not see in the traditional Audi Q3 that sporty SUV they want so much. With the Sportback they will have it. While it is true that in terms of dimensions is virtually identical (it is a little wider and a little lower to the ground) the fall of the roof to the most fucking Coupe style gives a plus.

As for its range of engines, they are as follows: a gasoline 45 TFSI Quattro with 230 horsepower, a 35 TDI of 150 horsepower and a 40 TDI Quattro of 190 horsepower. Engines that can also be found in the range of conventional Q3 but Audi has refined for the sports version.

Of course, if there is something that the German brand does not tell you and you should know if you want to get one of them is that there is a problem that continues in this version: the start with models that come with a DSG automatic transmission is still very weak.

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Audi q3 advanced 35 tdi 110kw 150cv s tronic

The ranges of current models can become abrasive for the buyer, since the firms have become obsessed with offering a wide range of options. Audi has decided to expand its cast of vehicles with the arrival of the Q3 Sportback, a variant of the compact SUV of the four rings that has taken as a reference to its big brother, the Q8. There are certain differences between the two versions and after we got behind the wheel of both, it was time to analyze whether it is really worth paying the more than 2,000 euros that separate the conventional Q3 from the Sportback.

Although Audi has followed a formula already known to give this newcomer version of its SUV par excellence, we should note a number of changes. These are found mainly at the aesthetic level, being the quickest and easiest section to analyze. But before making your purchase we must also take into account driving dynamics, space and habitability.

But it is on the side where lies the main novelty of the Q3 Sportback. Thanks to the pronounced drop of the C-pillar, the German SUV now enjoys a coupe-like appearance, which could have been complemented with frameless doors, but this is not the case. The rear, in addition to reflecting this sportier look, retains the same lights present on the standard Q3.

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