Is adyen a PSP?

Is adyen a PSP?

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Tenga en cuenta que el contenido de este libro consiste principalmente en artículos disponibles en Wikipedia u otras fuentes gratuitas en línea. Legends of War es una franquicia de videojuegos de estrategia por turnos creada en 2010 por la empresa de desarrollo española Enigma Software Productions. La serie es multiplataforma para PS3, Xbox 360, PC y PSP, y está ambientada en diferentes periodos de tiempo y guerras a lo largo de la humanidad a través de la experiencia de carismáticas leyendas militares. El primer título de la serie es Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign, ambientado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en la campaña del General Patton para acabar con el dominio nazi. Se lanzó el 20 de octubre de 2010 en PSN para el sistema PSP únicamente.

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Financing a large shopping cart is easy with payment in several installments. With a 3 or 4 installment payment with no fees, your shoppers will reduce their final bill. Need more flexibility? Paying in 10 installments remains a popular alternative.

Financing a large shopping cart is easy with multi-payment. With a 3 or 4 installment payment with no fees, your shoppers will reduce their final bill. Need more flexibility? Paying in 10 installments remains a popular alternative. Increase your turnover by 30% with a solution that offers a better user experience.

Pay Later, here is a new service that allows you to buy now and pay later for the amount of an invoice. Deferred payment over 15, 30 or 45 days doubles conversions at the end of the month. In addition to the online wallet, it benefits from an innovative payment method.

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Innove allows your B2C customers to extend their online payment by 3 or 4 times, and up to 12 times. No more need to sign a contract or credit agreement, acceptance is done on your website in a fraction of a second.

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Como puede ver, la PSP se especifica en la carga útil de la solicitud, lo que significa que puede configurar y admitir varias PSP utilizando esta extensión. Actualmente se soportan las siguientes PSPs (el valor del campo ‘psp’ se indica entre paréntesis):

Antes de instalar esta extensión, asegúrese de haber creado una cuenta con la PSP seleccionada. Al instalar esta extensión, tendrá que proporcionar la configuración específica de la PSP en forma de cadena JSON. Estas son las configuraciones esperadas para cada PSP:

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08:09 Mercedes Gomez: I am Marketing & Channel Manager at Ingenico ePayments. We are part of the Ingenico Group. Ingenico ePayments is the online payment division, which already connects more than 70,000 merchants worldwide with their customers.

12:50 Rubén Bastón: What is the value of an advanced payment gateway like Adyen and Ingenico compared to other more common ones like Stripe or PayPal that users often find by default in the platforms?

Mercedes Gómez: Stripe is technologically good, what happens is that compared to us, in particular, it has two handicaps. On the one hand, the price. It is easy to install but the price is higher; and on the other hand, customer service. This is plug and play: you take it, you install it, but if you have an incident you only have an email and probably not in your language. This is not the most appropriate for those who have a WooCommerce store that does not have many resources and need more technical support.

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14:30 Juan Jose Llorente: Stripe integrates very easily and offers a good customer experience. I think it’s a good solution for companies that are just starting out and beginning to grow. There are certain payment methods that do have them, many of the most innovative ones, but when an internationalization process begins and everything becomes more complex, it is not enough. The omnichannel issue is not yet covered, although they have launched something in the United States and have made an acquisition to start working in that direction.