Is 700 a high car payment?

Is 700 a high car payment?

The insurance company wants to give me a total loss

Next we will analyze in depth the parameters or variables that influence in a total loss of a vehicle, and that we must take into account, to know if the product that we have contracted really fulfills our expectations and covers our coverage needs. And if unfortunately we have suffered a total loss, to know in depth its procedure to know how to act:

It is usually the main incidence and cause of claim. In this case we can differentiate two scenarios, if you do not have a driver’s legal defense insurance in which to delegate the defense of your interests:

Request a loan, and if it is finally granted, you can claim in addition to the amount of the repair, the interest on the loan and even the cancellation fees. It must be stated in the loan that the purpose of the loan is to pay for the repair of the damaged vehicle. There are car insurances that offer a coverage called Loans for Repairs, only for cases of traffic accidents.

How to calculate the commercial value of a car

IN VIEW OF: The cassation appeal, on page 263, filed by the Autonomous Municipal Government (GAM) of El Alto, represented by C.S.C.T. in her capacity as Mayor, through her attorney-in-fact A.Q.T.C. against the Hearing Order No. 14/2018-SSA-I of January 31, pronounced by the First Social, Administrative, Contentious and Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz, on fs. 244; within the process of payment of social benefits and labor rights filed by W.Q.A., J.V.H., V.C.Q. and F., against the appellant entity; the reply memorial, on fs. 266 to 267; Order No. 99/18 SSA-I of April 11, 2018, which granted the appeal (fs. 268); the Order of May 28, 2018 (fs. 277), declaring the appeal admissible; the procedural background; and:

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The First Labor and Social Security Judge of El Alto, pronounced Judgment No. 76/2017 of May 4, from fs. 212 to 218, declaring the claim proven in part; ordering the GAM of El Alto, to cancel in favor of W.Q.A. the sum of Bs.26. .322,82- (twenty six thousand three hundred and twenty two hundred and twenty two 82/100 bolivianos); in favor of J.V.H. the sum of Bs.15.755,92 (fifteen thousand seven hundred and fifty five 92/100 bolivianos); in favor of V.C.Q. the sum of Bs.25 .890,49.- (twenty-five thousand eight hundred ninety-nine 49/100 Bolivianos); and in favor of F.V. the sum of Bs.22,417.65.- (twenty-two thousand four hundred seventeen hundred sixty-five/100 Bolivianos); for social benefits and labor rights detailed in the Judgment; plus the fine and readjustments established in Article 9 of Supreme Decree No. 28699 of May 1, 2006, to be settled in execution of the Judgment. Order of Hearing.

The insurance company won’t repair my car

No. Well, there is a double answer. In principle it is no. It hasn’t changed because in the end the customer, whatever vehicle it is, needs to have a part of the money he is going to pay for that vehicle financed at the duration that suits him. And yes, because there is a yes. It is true that in financial institutions such as Cetelem we are trying to give priority to the financing of green vehicles in general. This is a contribution that Cetelem wants to make to promote and help everyone, to help us all to be more and more environmentally friendly, but it is more a desire of our company than a market need. It is also true that today green vehicles tend to be even more expensive, and therefore they need a little longer, or different, financing to be able to acquire a full electric car or a hybrid, etc.

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What is selling the most now is still diesel and gasoline, and hybrids and also electric cars are increasingly gaining market share. But if we have to say what is the best seller, I would say that the best seller is still diesel.

How much value a damaged car loses

After the appeals were filed by the Autonomous Municipal Government of El Alto (fs. 130) and by E.D.P.R. (fs. 183 to 188 vta.), the Social, Administrative, C. and C. Administrative Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz, pronounced Order No. 11/2018 SSA-I of January 31, from fs. 200 to 201, which confirms the challenged Judgment.

The judicial authority, prior to admitting the claim, should have observed it in order to clarify which vacations were demanded; in the same way, in the Order opening the evidentiary period, it had the obligation to determine which vacation periods the Autonomous Municipal Government of El Alto should demonstrate that the payment does not correspond; In any case, the Report DTH/URTH/0254/17, issued by the Human Resources Registration Unit, concludes that the plaintiff only has 3 vacation days from the 2011-2012 administration and there are vacation requests that show that she made use of them for the time worked, so the calculation made in the Judgment is incorrect and imprecise because it orders the payment of vacations for 2 administrations, without specifying to which periods they correspond.

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