Is $6000 too much for Invisalign?

Is $6000 too much for Invisalign?

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When my own dentist in Florida told me, “This is the best dental work I’ve ever seen,” I realized I had saved $18,000 and also had a great vacation in Costa Rica. I felt very smart and rushed home to brush my teeth.

I was sitting in a plush leather chair in the dental office of a wealthy Florida dentist, with the waiting room full of anxious patients and the front desk manned by three women working the phone and billing.

I had been a foreign correspondent all over the world for decades. I had lost a tooth to different places around the globe. I remembered a dentist in a Mexican town, pumping his foot up and down on an old sewing machine-like foot pedal, thus powering a slow drill that agonizingly cut an already lost tooth. A molar had disappeared in Cairo from an Egyptian who was attending to me while wearing a wine-red fez, the traditional Egyptian cap, on his head.

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Invisalign treatment is generally less painful than traditional metal braces, but patients often experience some degree of pain or discomfort during treatment with Invisalign.

In most cases, pain or discomfort will occur when the Invisalign aligners are first placed and when the aligner trays are changed, approximately every two weeks. For most, the discomfort is mild and will go away in a few days, while others may experience discomfort during treatment.

Drinking cold water can help relieve discomfort inside the mouth. Swishing with ice water can help reduce swelling and provide some relief to the tissues inside the mouth.

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As with cold water, sucking on ice cubes can reduce pain. For those who feel pain after removing aligners for eating or brushing and flossing, sucking on an ice cube before and after eating or brushing teeth is a good way to relieve pain.


Why do teeth separate? It is very likely that the bone loss caused by periodontitis itself explains the phenomenon of anterior tooth spacing. The periodontium, along with the cheeks and lips, counteract the pressure exerted by the tongue at rest (when we are not speaking, swallowing saliva or food). When part of the bone that supports the teeth is lost, and consequently their stabilizing effect on dental position is reduced, the conditions are established for the tongue to exert increased pressure on the incisors, which will respond by moving forward and separating between them.

How to have straight and white teeth

When the pulp is irreversibly affected by deep caries, trauma or endoperiodontal lesions. In these cases the tooth may become sensitive to cold, heat or chewing. The pain may be intermittent or constant. Even the tooth may change color or a phlegmon or fistula may appear. Endodontics may also be advised for teeth that require extensive grinding for the subsequent placement of crowns or bridges.shutterstock_v1972552 (click on the reference to see video).

It is very common that, after a root canal, we feel pain in the treated piece or in the gum surrounding it once the anesthesia has worn off. This discomfort occurs because the ligament that surrounds the root of the tooth becomes inflamed during the endodontic process. This inflammation is the cause of the pain as well as the “long tooth sensation” that we can perceive.

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Also, by removing all the pulp tissue from the canals of the tooth with endodontic files we can push bacteria and tissue debris through the root of the tooth to the outside of the tooth, which produces localized inflammation of the area that causes us to feel pain.