Is 5000 too much for braces?

Is 5000 too much for braces?

How much does an orthodontic appliance cost?

If it is clear to you that you need orthodontics, but the prices we have mentioned are beyond your budget, a good alternative is to take out a dental insurance policy with co-payment. There are options that start at 6 euros per month and represent a very significant reduction in the professional’s bill. In fact, you can save up to 50%. I have recently taken it out with DKV, but there are many other options on the market, and I am really happy with the money I save at the dentist. Did you know about this product or have you already taken it out? Tell us about it in the comments!

Orthodontics prices mexico

Shortly after the dentist left my smile full of metal and my savings account empty, many people gave their opinion about my treatment. “You want to have an artist’s smile”, “with straight teeth you’re going to look like a model” or the recent joke, “you got tired of having Luis Miguel’s teeth”. Yes, of course, with straight teeth I’m sure I’ll take the throne from El Sol.

With the warning that I could become chimuela (toothless), I agreed to have the cavities removed and proceed with the long and painful process of straightening what had been crooked for almost three decades. Three months after I got my braces (or braces, as they are also known), here’s what I discovered:

After brushing your teeth you know you can’t just eat anything at any time you feel like it, so you start planning your meals very well. By being more orderly, the immediate effect is to lose weight. Wow, the first positive point of this torture?

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What used to take two minutes suddenly takes ten. As the weeks go by, you become more skilled with your toothbrush, interdentals, dental floss and orthodontic wax. Who said nobody learns after thirty?

Types of orthodontics and prices

Invisible orthodontics has been a revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry, thanks to the excellent final results it offers but, above all, because it guarantees that the patient does not have to suffer during the dental correction process wearing the unsightly brackets of conventional braces.

– Thirdly, thanks to the Virtual Set Up (SUV) (a 3-dimensional virtual simulation video of the movements that we are going to perform on the teeth), the patient can get a fairly approximate idea of how the teeth will look at the end of the treatment and the approximate time it will take.

– Before the start of an invisible orthodontic treatment with Crystal Aling, a software called Ortodtudio is used to plan the dental movements in the 3 planes of space that are going to be carried out during the treatment.

– The aligners are generally changed every 4 weeks as the teeth move, so that during the same treatment a patient will wear several different aligners until the teeth are in the position planned at the beginning of the process.

Removable orthodontic appliances for children

Conventional orthodontics is cheaper than invisible orthodontics, but the difference in esthetics is very large. Our patients’ experience is that the cost of invisible orthodontics outweighs the benefits.

The cost of invisible orthodontics is higher than that of orthodontics with brackets because it requires the participation of an American company, which is the one that makes the computer study and the aligners.

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The price of your treatment will be precisely detailed during your first visit with the invisible orthodontics specialist. But for your personal estimate, the price of invisible orthodontic treatment is: