How much should I put down on a 30k car?

How much should I put down on a 30k car?

Is it worth buying a car with 200,000 km?

This is how the credit purchase of new or used vehicles currently works in ColombiaThanks to the low interest rates, the good credit offer and the prices of cars, it is a good time to get into debt and buy. A person with an average salary can do it.

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When buying a second-hand car, one of the most delicate and important questions is the maximum mileage of the car. That is to say, what is the mileage limit that a car should have when buying it?

The mileage of a car is one of the indicators that allow to determine the use that has been given to the car, the performance of its engine (with the use and the time, it is losing power, for example) and how much or little it has been able to suffer its equipment. That is why it is crucial to determine what is the limit of kilometers it should have at the time of purchase.

The reality is that there is no standard answer. As always in these matters, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. But yes, some advice can be given so that we can get our own idea and adapt it to our needs.

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In practice, in the end, to buy a second-hand car it is essential to check that the car has been properly maintained. What to look for in a second-hand car before buying it? It depends a lot on the car, but there are a series of tips that are valid for absolutely all cars and that will save you a lot of trouble.

Tell me how much you earn and I will tell you what car I can buy 2020.

However, no matter how much interest, to buy a house you have to be able to afford it. From the financial comparator they affirm that it is essential to value if you have sufficient savings, to calculate if you could pay the mortgage (in case you need financing) and to make sure that you can also face the expenses associated with being an owner.

It is necessary to have savingsIf you want to buy a house or apartment in cash, you will have to have enough money to pay its price in cash. And, in addition, to meet the costs associated with the sale (taxes, notary, registration …), whose price is usually between 10% and 12% of the value of the property.

However, the vast majority need a mortgage to finance part of the purchase. If you ask for a loan from the bank, it is important to know that this will generally cover up to 80% of the transaction amount. Therefore, it will be necessary to have saved the remaining 20%, plus the cost of the aforementioned purchase and sale expenses.

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Which car to buy according to your salary

When you sell a second-hand car, some questions may arise because it is a transfer of assets. The most common doubt has to do with taxation: if I sell a car, do I have to declare it to the Treasury? In this post we solve your doubts so that you can rest assured.

Therefore, the most normal thing is that if you sell a car you do not have to declare anything to the Treasury. Unless, with the operation, you earn money. Believe it or not, this case can occur when the sale and purchase affects classic or collector models.