How much is the winter fuel allowance in NI?

How much is the winter fuel allowance in NI?

Gasoline price in guatemala 2021

He added that to date the subsidy has been applied to three million gas cylinders, benefiting 1.5 million families. He also said that 20 companies have claimed the subsidy since they have applied the discount to final consumers.

The social and non-social tariffs went up almost Q0.05 per kWh per month in Energuate’s distributors (Deocsa and Deorsa): in the non-social segment the increase represents between 2.3% and 2.6% and stood at Q2.108 for Deocsa per kWh per month and Q1.978 for Deorsa. In the social segment, the increase ranges from 2.5% to 2.7%, which represents Q1.97 and Q1.88 per kWh per month, respectively.

For users of Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala (EEGSA), the rate rose Q0.02 cents in both segments (between 1.7% and 1.8%), so that while the non-social rate reached Q1.37, the non-social rate was set at Q1.28 per kWh per month.

Fuel price September 2021

I have the honor to submit for your consideration a bill that adds resources and introduces improvements to the mechanism for stabilizing the prices of fuels derived from petroleum, established in Law No. 20,063; authorizes a capitalization of ENAP for the amount indicated and introduces other amendments aimed at supporting the transport companies that use the concessioned road network productively.

The purpose of the Petroleum Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPCO) is to reduce the volatility of fuel prices in the domestic market, avoiding excessive fluctuations in local prices.

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FEPCO has proven to be a successful mechanism to reduce the oscillation of domestic prices in a period of instability of oil prices and its derivatives in international markets.

In addition to its effectiveness in mitigating price fluctuations, FEPCO is an instrument that allows greater social coverage by also including kerosene, a fuel of massive domestic use, especially in winter months.

Price of super gasoline

The initiative foresees to apply reductions in the invoices of July, August, September and implies an increase in subsidies of up to 10,000 million pesos that would be covered by not paying a debt to the oil companies.

The report begins with a “synthesis of the problem” summarized in eight points. In the first of these points it is stated that “there are more and more complaints about unpayable amounts in the bills. This is because consumption increases as the cold weather advances and disconcerts users who confuse ‘freezing’ with ‘no increase’ in the bill”.

The third point adds that the benefits of decree 311/20, which suspended service cuts for non-payment, “are restricted to certain types of users, which hardly exceed 30-35% of the total number of residential users nationwide”.

“Both resolutions were of massive application, that is to say, to all residential users of the country, meaning a direct reduction in the bill in the first case, supported by the National State, while in the second case a transitory reduction in the bill for the winter months, supported by the user, but only as from December and in five equal and consecutive installments”, the document describes.

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Historical fuel prices

The statement issued by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) indicates that, in the case of Nafta Super 95, the variation in the pump price will be $ 0.34 per liter, while for Gasoil it will be $ 0.41 per liter. The price of Supergas, meanwhile, will remain unchanged.

“They increased only 22 days ago. They are increasing them again today and, clearly, monthly increases are coming. They are also playing with the idea of removing the gas subsidy. It will have an impact on all prices, while salaries continue to fall in real value”, said journalist Leandro Grille.

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