How much is the monthly payment for a BMW M3?

How much is the monthly payment for a BMW M3?

How car financing works.

The best-selling car of 2018 was the Seat León, a vehicle that has an average cost of 18,000 euros.    If we add VAT, registration tax and road tax to this amount as soon as we take the car out of the dealership we will have paid 23,635.4 euros.

Normally, the leasing agreement specifies the maximum annual mileage allowed, the maintenance costs included, the repairs included in the contract and a change of tires. For the ordinary user, this system makes it possible to forget about maintenance work.

This type of vehicle offered great advantages for citizens, there was no fuel to fill up, it was possible to park in the center of Madrid without paying green or blue zone and the user would not have to take care of the maintenance of the car. A very interesting option for big cities.

What is the final installment of a car

A few days ago we told you about the subscription services that many automakers are already testing in the United States and specifically about the launch of the Access by BMW program in Nashville, Tennessee. Today it is another German brand that joins the offer with the so-called Mercedes-Benz Collection.

Interestingly, the Stuttgart brand has also chosen the city of Nashville, as has BMW, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For its part, Porsche continues to offer its Porsche Passport in Atlanta, Georgia, and “Book by Cadillac” – the Cadillac alternative – is available in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles.

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Of course, the payment includes insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance and, in addition, no mileage limit. Everything, by the way, will be managed from a mobile application for smartphones, although interested customers can already register on the program’s website.

In our country the minimum monthly price to access a Volvo XC40 through this subscription service is 685 euros, with an available mileage of 10,000 kilometers. The price varies depending on the engine, color, upholstery and mileage allowed, being also more expensive R-Design versions, which start from 707 euros per month.

How to calculate the financing of a car

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