How much is Invisalign up front?

How much is Invisalign up front?

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The cost depends on the severity of the problem, the cheapest is approximately 20 thousand and the most expensive is 55 thousand, of course we first have to assess the patient to know what would be the appropriate treatment, it is usually an initial payment and then monthly payments are made.

Hello, in my opinion it is somewhat difficult to give a cost because we depend on an orthodontic diagnosis with the relevant studies, as it is required to know if you are a candidate or not for treatment because it has its specific indications.

The most important thing in the interest you have is that not all patients are candidates for this treatment all depends on the type of malocclusion and the severity of the same. GREETINGS !!! AND I AM STILL AT YOUR SERVICE !!!

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Click hereWe start the treatmentOnce the doctor approves the treatment plan, the aligners arrive at the clinic in about a week and the case is ready to start.Contact formIf you have any questions or want information from the Medical Dental Center, write to us and we will contact you shortly. Thank you.

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If you think about it, it’s a little complicated for a tooth in the back of the mouth to exert enough force to displace the seven teeth in front of it. And yes, it is complicated, in fact there is no scientific evidence to prove that this is so. I will tell you more, I doubt it very much.

Look at this x-ray. Both wisdom teeth are lying down. The one on the left side of the X-ray is in contact with the front tooth, but it has been decided not to extract it. The patient is going to have orthodontics. Although we are not going to extract them, we will monitor them to make sure there are no complications. And nothing happens!

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Unlike the old appliances for mandibular advancement that advance in a single step, the precision wings of the Invisalign splints system for mandibular advancement do it progressively, which increases the comfort and ease of adaptation for the patient.

The Invisalign splints are simple, perfectly adapted to the teeth, without metal or resin. Traditional appliances for mandibular advancement in younger patients have part resin and part metal, so they are more cumbersome and have a risk of fracture. Unlike Invisalign treatment, where the splint is changed every week, with traditional treatments, only one more appliance is used for the entire treatment, so if it fractures, it is more expensive to replace it.

Invisalign treatment is much more comfortable than with traditional braces, so you can perform any type of extracurricular activity and sport with them. Since it is not necessary to remove them at this time, the risk of loss is reduced. In addition, the possible loss of the appliance is easy to solve, since, like the treatment in adults, they are changed every week.

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