How much is Invisalign monthly payment?

How much is Invisalign monthly payment?

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We’ll be sure to answer all your questions and evaluate your case at that first meeting, but we also encourage you to come prepared! Bring any questions and concerns you may have so we can go over them together. Not quite sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the most important questions to ask the doctor here to get the most out of this appointment.

The beginning of Invisalign treatment in Grenada is the most complicated part. Ask our orthodontist to explain what the steps are before you go home with your first set of aligners.

We know you’re excited to see the end result; so are we! But even though Invisalign is much faster than traditional braces, it still takes some time to do its job. Our orthodontists will be able to tell you how long your treatment should take and set realistic expectations.

Discuss this possibility with our orthodontist and be prepared if it occurs. Just as problems can arise with traditional braces, such as a broken wire, Invisalign aligners are not indestructible.

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The cost depends on the severity of the problem, the most economical is approximately 20 thousand and the most expensive is 55 thousand, of course we first have to assess the patient to know what would be the appropriate treatment, it is usually an initial payment and then monthly payments are made.

Hello, in my opinion it is somewhat difficult to give a cost because we depend on an orthodontic diagnosis with the relevant studies, as it is required to know if you are a candidate or not for treatment because it has its specific indications.

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The most important thing in the interest you have is that not all patients are candidates for this treatment all depends on the type of malocclusion and the severity of the same. GREETINGS !!! AND I AM STILL AT YOUR SERVICE !!!

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The price of Invisalign, as in any case of invisible orthodontics, varies depending on the difficulty and estimated duration of the case. Normally, this price ranges between 1600 and 2900 euros (in the simplest cases of Invisalign Lite or Invisalign i7) and 2900 and 4100 euros (medium or more complex cases of Invisalign Full or Comprehensive), spread over 12, 18 or 24 monthly payments that are usually between 90 and 150 euros, which are paid throughout the treatment.

We are committed to clarity and transparency: what we all like. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, you will be given a closed budget, including the deductions that you will have to make at the end of the treatment and all the visits and extra appliances that you may need.

It is important to bear in mind that an Orthodontic treatment with maximum quality and excellence is carried out by the Doctor, and NOT the Invisalign brand, hence it is essential to check the training and experience of the orthodontist, and to consider the price as an important factor to take into account, but secondary, given that we are talking about the health of your mouth and your smile.

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Click hereWe start the treatmentOnce the doctor approves the treatment plan, the aligners arrive at the clinic in about a week and the case is ready to start.Contact formIf you have any questions or want information from the Medical Dental Center, write to us and we will contact you shortly. Thank you.

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