How much is independence allowance?

How much is independence allowance?

Which was the first country to become independent

Before we must make a digression because within the section of the traffic scale that deals with compensation for temporary injuries we find the controversial Article 135, this deals with compensation for minor trauma to the spine, among others the cervical sprain. This type of traumatisms, if only diagnosed on the basis of the manifestation of the existence of pain on the part of the injured person, will be compensated as temporary injuries as long as a series of causality criteria are met:

In this same article it is determined that the sequel derived from a minor cervical trauma will only be compensated if there is a conclusive report that accredits it. Very possibly the interpretation and meaning of this adjective “conclusive” will be a point of conflict between insurers and lawyers of injured parties.

In the new schedule, compensation for temporary injuries is included in Table 3, which contains 3 sections: basic personal injury, particular personal injury and pecuniary injury. Let us see:

How the population of Haiti was shaped during the French colonial period.

After the murder with racist undertones of George Floyd in the United States, many people have demanded the withdrawal of funds to the country’s police departments or even the removal of several statues. Another issue that has also resurfaced is reparations for slavery.

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I am an expert on colonialism and slavery and what France did to the Haitian people after the Haitian Revolution is a particularly egregious example of colonial theft. France brought slavery to the island in the 17th century, but in the late 18th century the enslaved population revolted and eventually declared independence. Somehow during the 19th century in France, however, they came to the conclusion that the colonists who had profited from the use of slaves should be rewarded, not the other way around.

Just as the legacy of slavery in the United States has created a great economic disparity between black and white Americans, the freedom tax that France imposed on Haiti (called “indemnity” at the time) severely impaired the new country’s ability to prosper.

When to file a claim for non-pecuniary damages

This sanctioning procedure was initiated due to the opening and exploitation of two wells (Ancín P-3 and Mendaza P-2) by the Mancomunidad de Montejurra, without having the mandatory administrative concession to be granted by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro (hereinafter, CHE). The facts were denounced by the Association on December 3, 2013.

III. The proposed resolution of the procedure, dated October 16, 2017, took into account to determine the qualification of the infringement the population supplied, the daily consumption per inhabitant, the period of illumination and the unit cost of water, estimated an amount of 89,032.62 euros.

IV. The Resolution of the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, dated April 17, 2018, imposed a penalty on the Mancomunidad de Montejurra of 52,000.01 euros, which was considered to have been satisfied as the defendant had paid 31,200 euros, the amount resulting from applying two reductions of 20%. However, the Resolution did not rule on the compensation.

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Amount of compensation for non-pecuniary damages

During the long period of time that has elapsed since the approval of the current regulations on compensation for reasons of service, regulated in Royal Decree 236/1988, of March 4, 1988, many important aspects of this matter have come to light which, because they were not sufficiently defined or were not even contemplated therein, have given rise to varied and disparate interpretations by the management centers in its application or, in other cases, to repeated consultations with the Ministries responsible for its preparation, requesting criteria in accordance with the spirit of the regulation for its correct application.

The final wording of this regulation has been established with the active participation of all the bodies of the Administration affected by the Royal Decree until reaching a widely agreed text, reported favorably by the Higher Commission of Personnel, and which has been submitted to the final reports and opinions required by the regulations in force.

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