How much is a wage arrestment?

How much is a wage arrestment?

Fine for taking on public roads in Mexico City 2021

The commission of environmental offenses in the areas of forestry, environmental impact, marine resources, wildlife and federal maritime-terrestrial zone, may constitute the imposition of sanctions ranging from administrative to criminal.

Violations to the precepts of the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA), its regulations and the dispositions that emanate from it will be sanctioned with one or more of the following sanctions:

-Fine -Temporary or definitive closure, total or partial, whena) There is no compliance with the corrective measures or urgent application ordered b) In cases of recidivism when the infractions generate negative effects to the environmentc) It is repeated disobedience, on three or more occasions -Administrative arrest for up to 36 hours -The confiscation of the instruments, specimens, products or by-products directly related -The suspension or revocation of the concessions, licenses, permits or authorizations.

Environmental Sanctions Mexico

That is why, since 2003, Mexico City has been carrying out the “Drive Without Alcohol” program, which aims to prevent all kinds of fatal accidents, through rapid breathalyzer tests (with the famous breathalyzer). Since then it has been kept up to date and although it was suspended for a while during the pandemic, it came back in July with its respective sanitary measures.

To understand everything better, it is necessary to know how the state of drunkenness is measured. The breathalyzers we know have a nomenclature called BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration which indicates the grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood (g/dL), this means the grams of alcohol present in one tenth of a liter, which in more understandable units would be equivalent to 100 ml.

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A BAC of 0.8 greatly increases the risk of crashing. But it is not necessary to get there to suffer an accident; other minor amounts of alcohol in the body can also cause difficulties when driving a car, as we will see below:

Administrative offense fine

1. There are several problems in the criminal justice system which require an urgent solution and which can be solved without substantially altering the current criminal and criminal procedural organization, subject to careful study as one of the aspects of the General Plan, which the Government intends to carry out on the improvement of the organization and procedure of the Administration of Justice.

2. The Law of March thirty thousand nine hundred and fifty-four raised the differentiating limit of the amount of crimes and misdemeanors against property. Since that date, the limits, in general, which determine the penalties according to a quantitative criterion have remained unaltered, since the revision made in nineteen sixty-three in the text of the Criminal Code affected the pecuniary penalties for certain criminal offenses, but not the figures determining the penalties.

But the unity of the body that is to investigate and pass judgment imposes some modification in its current regulation, especially with regard to the prosecution, which is superfluous in the new arrangement, and to the intermediate phase, which must therefore be modified. The system is completed with an appeal to the corresponding Provincial Court. All these measures can be included within the procedural type that constitutes the so-called emergency procedure, of proven effectiveness in the practice of criminal justice.

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Examples of environmental fines

The absence of evidence proving the element of guilt in the incident makes it impossible to sanction the defendant. On the other hand, the accreditation of the compliance with the decreed orders does not allow the enforceability of the sanction, because this was constituted as a way to obtain the compliance with the tutelage sentence. Therefore, upon proving compliance with the judgment and the lack of the subjective element, the defendant is exonerated from the sanction, and the judge of knowledge must declare the unenforceability of the sanctions due to compliance with the writ of protection.

The sanction of arrest and fine as a consequence of the incidental proceeding, imposed for disregarding a tutela decision (D. 2591/91, art. 52) to a private individual or authority, after having been confirmed by the superior of the judge of knowledge in the degree of consultation, does not imply the automatic execution of the decreed measures. This is due to the fact that the respondent, or his hierarchical superior, in the event that he had disregarded the order issued by the judge who initially heard the protection of fundamental rights, may be released from the execution of the sanction, provided that he complies with the tutela decision.

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