How much does each 1000 add to car payment?

How much does each 1000 add to car payment?

How much does a car cost in soles

For many people, the first option to finance the purchase of a car is to ask the bank for an auto loan. However, buying a car using financing is something that should not be done lightly, since it is necessary to plan this expense properly, to avoid affecting your personal finances.

The first thing you should know is that a car is fundamentally a means of transportation that should not be considered as an investment (except in very specific cases), since it depreciates every day regardless of the use and maintenance you give it. Consider that beyond the method you use to buy it, cars represent a fixed expense, since, even if you do not use it, you will still have to pay the corresponding taxes such as tenure.

The general advice is to try that the credit you use to buy your car does not exceed 20% of your total debt capacity. It is estimated that the debt capacity is 40% of the money that remains after separating fixed expenses.


If you are going to buy or sell a second-hand vehicle, it won’t take you long to hear these three words: transfer tax. It is a tax that you have to pay when buying and selling a used car between private individuals. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Its full name is Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty; it is also known by its initials ITP (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados). It is an indirect tax that is applied in three cases: onerous property transfers, corporate transactions and documented legal acts.

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The ITP is a state tax that is ceded to the autonomous communities, so it is paid at the tax office of the corresponding community. This also means that you do not pay the same if you live in the Community of Madrid or in Castilla La Mancha, for example.

How much does a car cost in spain 2021

At last you have decided to ask for one of the vehicles that for power, consumption and performance fits what you are looking for. But there have been so many variables that you have had to take into account, and so many head turns that, at this point, every facility is received as a blessing.

The alternative may be to ask for a loan from a bank, a solution that must also be studied carefully. “The conditions offered by banks are usually more flexible, but it is necessary to compare because the differences between entities are notable. It is necessary to try that they do not require linkage, that they allow to choose the loan independently of the car that is going to be bought and without minimum imposition, so that the user can ask for the least possible and pay before”, emphasizes the study of the OCU.

However, the recession that the country experienced from 2008 onwards caused financial institutions to radically close consumer credit. This was not only detrimental for many users who found it impossible to pay for their car purchase in installments, but also led to a collapse in car sales.

How much does a car cost in spain 2020

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