How much does clear choice implants cost?

How much does clear choice implants cost?

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The cost estimate is given at the first visit and is free of charge. In the first visit we will propose you the possible therapeutic alternatives with their corresponding prices. The use of some techniques, such as minimally invasive surgery (“implants without surgery”), do not cost more, the price of the dental implant placed with this technique does not increase what it costs.

The philosophy of our treatments is to offer quality and, with the limitations imposed by nature, to guarantee the results. That is why our prices are more adjusted to the quality offered. We have financing formulas for dental implants.

As we explained in another section, the implants we place are the most prestigious in the market and those that give the best results. They are brands that endorse their implants with evidence and proven scientific studies. There are cheaper dental implants on the market, but they offer fewer guarantees of success. In our opinion, it is necessary to look for an implant price that is not expensive and as cheap as possible, without compromising the quality of the treatment.

How much does a 4-unit dental bridge cost?

While their name may suggest so, Gummy Bear/Oso Gomoso implants are not, in fact, made of gummy bears. These implants are named after gummy bears because of their ability to retain a beautiful, natural-looking shape. The cohesive silicone form used in these implants is less prone to rupture than many silicone or saline alternatives, giving patients beautiful, natural-looking results that last.

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Because the extent of surgery and incision patterns used in any gummy bear implant procedure varies from patient to patient, interested individuals should schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Rios to get a better idea of what their procedure will look like. During this consultation, Dr. Rios will ask you about your treatment goals and current health status to determine the specific parameters of your surgery.

Following treatment, Dr. Rios will monitor your progress during a series of follow-up appointments. These appointments give you and Dr. Rios the opportunity to discuss your results and ensure that you have a safe and smooth recovery.

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Our clear aligner treatment includes several custom-fitted, customized sets of BPA-free clear plastic plates that gradually move teeth into the desired position.

If your dentist recommended wisdom teeth removal, do as he or she says. If not, you can purchase our remote impression kit or book a scan, and a state-licensed dentist or orthodontist will check your smile. If it is determined that remote aligner treatment is not right for you, we will refund the cost of your impression kit.

Each aligner is custom-made to safely move your teeth within the time frame prescribed by your dentist or licensed orthodontist. Deviating from the indicated treatment plan is not advised.

Nocturnal® clear aligners are the first aligner system on the market that allows customers to safely wear clear aligners for only 10 continuous hours per night. This is more practical for many people’s lifestyles.

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Invisalign® aligners are virtually invisible. The clear aligners make it difficult for anyone to tell that your teeth are currently realigning. Invisalign® aligners are removable. For best results, aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day. The aligners can also be removed for brushing and flossing as you normally would, for fresh breath and good oral hygiene. Invisalign® also uses no metal, so there is no irritation to the mouth or gums. And because there are no regular visits to the dentist to adjust the wires, you’ll spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

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Invisalign® allows you to see your virtual results and treatment plan before you begin so you can see what your straightened teeth will look like when your treatment is complete. Instead of imagining how much better it can be, you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Here at Celebrity Smiles, we use Invisalign® for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® is the clear alternative to unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces. Invisalign® allows you to remove alignment trays for eating, brushing and flossing. In addition to not limiting the types of foods you can eat, Invisalign® also reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Proper tooth alignment prevents large buildups of plaque and tartar.

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