How much does a Mercedes cost per month?

How much does a Mercedes cost per month?


First of all, thanks for creating this forum, it is very useful! My question is that I recently got into the world of buying and selling antiques and I have to decide which van to buy to move antiques barcelona. Any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance!

Hello everyone, I need help because I’m going crazy. One option is 3008 1.2 130cv Gt line with camera, hands free start and mobile charger and the other GLA 180 122cv package advantage Apple connection and 3 cm up the train. The 2 at the same price. Can someone help me?

I don’t have much idea about cars so I need help!!! I am looking for a car that is very safe. I travel almost always by highway. Important comfort, not too big to be able to park relatively well and have a good trunk. I have read that the SUVs that are so fashionable are less safe than sedans or compacts. I am very very undecided, the sedans seem to me very big and the compacts of….

My suggestion is that within the options of the vehicles I miss the option of “automatic transmission” and another that would be very good for many people would be the “adapted for the disabled”.

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The option of acquiring one of our new Mercedes, used or km 0 is a wise decision, not only for the fact of having a quality vehicle with all the guarantees, but also for having a complete after-sales service that supports the purchase of a Mercedes Benz. This service includes the possibility of renting a Mercedes on those occasions when you can not temporarily have your car.

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Renting a Mercedes Benz means that you can have a vehicle at your disposal when you cannot use your own car. In Grupo Concesur we offer the Mercedes car rental service for customers who leave their vehicle in our workshops and need a replacement car. Thanks to this service, you can continue to enjoy the advantages of driving a Mercedes while we get your car ready.

The Mercedes Benz rental service of Grupo Concesur is available for those customers who need a replacement car. It is a fleet of combustion and plug-in hybrid vehicles for customers who need to leave their car at our Concesur and Fervial workshops for A and B maintenance, mechanical repairs or body work.


How many times have we heard the saying that cheap is expensive? Have you ever heard someone complain about the maintenance of a Mercedes-Benz? Well, if until now you were comparing prices to buy the best possible car at the cheapest price and you had Mercedes totally out of the list, our task is to tell you that the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has brought to light an investigation in which they warn that buying a cheap car is very expensive. Therefore, select very well the car you are going to buy.


Especially when you use it to move around the city and have to leave it parked on the street. Good insurance should cover both theft and attempted theft and theft. Also, all the accessories you have declared in the policy are included (as a general rule) under the theft cover.

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When an insurer is faced with a car with the characteristics of the M-Class – an SUV – it assesses a series of risks. And not only the frequency with which they will (foreseeably) request travel assistance, especially bearing in mind that it is a discontinued car and may be an older model.

Línea Directa also guarantees a replacement car while yours is immobilized due to an accident. And if they cannot comply with the agreement, they will compensate you for each day you are without a car. You can enjoy a rental car up to group C and for a maximum of five days; fifteen if it is a total loss and up to one month if the insured car has been stolen.