How much do you pay monthly for braces?

How much do you pay monthly for braces?

Orthodontics prices 2020 mexico

Damon orthodontics is the most advanced system of bracket orthodontics. It is characterized by not using any ligature to attach the bracket to the metal arch. This allows the tooth to move freely and physiologically, thus avoiding, in almost all cases, the need for dental extractions.

At Abaden Dentists we believe that Damon orthodontics is the most advanced, fastest and best performing system. For this reason, all our orthodontists have completed the Master’s Degree in Damon Orthodontics.

On the first visit, the orthodontist will carry out an initial evaluation of the state of your mouth and will give you an initial orientation on the treatment to be carried out. An esthetic and functional study is performed (photos of the mouth, molds, x-rays and cephalometry). In the second visit, you will be explained the treatment plan agreed in clinical session by the medical team and the phases of treatment to follow.

Periodic visits (approximately every 8 weeks) where the doctor will analyze the evolution of the treatment and will make the necessary adjustments to the archwire and brackets to achieve the desired results.

How much does an orthodontic treatment in colombia cost?

Porcelain veneers are used to disguise defects of malformation of the teeth, dental separations (diastemas), stains or irregular alignments. They are dental esthetic treatments that are included in the group of adhesive restorations and are indicated for all patients seeking an improvement in their smile.

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Self-Ligating Orthodontics is an evolution with respect to conventional dental braces, especially because the time required to produce results is reduced and an improvement in the position of the teeth in general is observed.

Orthodontics prices mexico

My first orthodontic appointment at Clinica Dental in GuatemalaThis is the first step to get a beautiful smile with straight and aesthetic film teeth. It is the ideal time to ask any questions you have with the orthodontic specialist and to help you better understand how your orthodontic treatment will be carried out with clear brackets, metal brackets, mini brackets or myobrace brackets.

What is done in the first orthodontic evaluation appointment? your first visit to our orthodontic clinic in Guatemala, aims to perform a clinical examination, which will help determine whether orthodontic treatment is necessary and if it is the best time to start the perform your clinical evaluation is determined, what orthodontic tests will be necessary to diagnose your case, so it will be indicated at the time.we can start your orthodontic treatment in the first consultation, this should be evaluated and if it is considered that it is possible we will let you know.

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In addition to the free double assessment consultation, which we provide you to assess your case without obligation, if you finally decide to carry out the treatment you have the option of taking out the Caser Dental Insurance and that the price of Orthodontic Treatment with Sapphire Brackets (both arches) which is 3,629 €, becomes 2,525 €. Here is more information about the insurance:

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The fixed vestibular orthodontic treatment with Sapphire Brackets includes the specialized study necessary to carry it out and the 18 periodic check-ups required to carry out the process correctly. Also included are the 2 post-treatment stabilizations.

If there is any special need, by express indication of the specialist, the client will be informed of the variation in the price of the treatment prior to its realization, which must be accepted to continue with the process.

Your oral health deserves maximum transparency, attention and quality throughout the process, as well as the use of the best materials to avoid complications or deterioration so common in cases of low cost offers.