How much do farmers receive in subsidies?

How much do farmers receive in subsidies?

Pac spain

On the other hand, the FEGA report shows that 0.45% of the beneficiaries, some 3,231, received aid in excess of 100,000 euros. Specifically, 560 million euros were distributed among them. Between 100,000 and 60,000 euros, 9,000 recipients received 997 million euros. This means that 1.7% of the beneficiaries share 1,557 million, 32% of the total fund.

As for the regional distribution, Andalusia is the most benefited with 1,449 million, in second place is Castilla y León with 899 million and closing the podium is Castilla-La Mancha with 659 million. Also in the top five are Extremadura and Aragón with 508 and 421 million, respectively.

CAP measures

The amount advanced includes the payment of the two main income support to farmers and stockbreeders, the basic payment scheme and the green payment or “greeening”, which are the so-called decoupled schemes, since they do not require the maintenance of a specific crop. The advance payment of both aid schemes may involve an advance payment of 2,882 million euros.

The autonomous communities participating in the system of prefinancing of CAP funds, coordinated by the FEGA, have already communicated their intention to make advance payments for an initial amount of 2,759 million euros, an amount that may be increased as the controls of the different aids are finalized.

The FEGA periodically publishes on its web page the data of the funds that each autonomous community requests to make these payments, so in the section “Open Data: Pre-financing” this information can be consulted every week.

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What is pac in europe

The value ranges from one right to another, even in neighboring plots, were enormous. With that CAP, it was not necessary that absolutely nothing was produced on the subsidized land, which would bring serious distortions over time (real estate companies, airports or railways owning large tracts of land that charged the CAP just for having land), a situation that was solved at least on paper in the reform agreed in 2013.

In each country or region it was possible to choose: to give the same value to all rights already in 2015, that is, to pay the same for each eligible hectare from the beginning; to maintain the value of the rights linked to those of 2014 or earlier (which were still linked in turn to the productions of the beginning of the century) but to reach the flat rate in 2019 or 2020; and the most flexible, to guarantee that before 2019 all rights would be worth at least 60% of the national or regional average. In addition, countries were allowed to regulate that the highest royalties could not be reduced by more than 30%.

Ministry of Agriculture

The rules establishing the distribution of CAP funds are determined in the long-term EU budget. The current rules will be valid until December 2022. Thereafter, the recent CAP reform will come into force, which will be in force until 2027.

The European Farm to Fork strategy, announced in 2020, seeks to ensure that food is produced more sustainably. The Parliament wants to increase the percentage of agricultural land used for agriculture by 2030.

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