How much CIS do I deduct?

How much CIS do I deduct?

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Self-employed workers, although they are one of the groups that assume more expenses (monthly contribution to the Social Security, rent…) they are also benefited at the time of making the declaration, because some of these expenses are deductible. Among them, there are: the office material, the expenses in new technologies and Internet, the transfers in car or any other means of transport used for labor motives, the expenses of maintenance or the expenses of light and gas. However, in order to justify them to the tax authorities, the self-employed must keep all the invoices related to their work activity and check boxes 121 to 138 of the income tax return. On the Tax Agency’s website you can find out about other deductions related to Personal Income Tax, such as those obtained for earning income in Ceuta and Melilla, for investing in newly created companies or for other economic activities.


The CIS survey, referring to last November, shows that the political class and politicians are perceived as a problem by 16.6% of citizens, while immigration is perceived as a problem by 13.7% of those surveyed.

Six months ago, unemployment reached its highest level in CIS surveys since September 2000, being cited as the greatest concern by 77.3%; after the summer, in the October barometer, this level dropped to 73% and has now experienced an upturn of 5.4 points to reach maximum figures once again.

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As for the economic situation, in addition to being considered “bad” or “very bad” by 73.1% (71.2% in October), none of those surveyed dares to describe it as “very good”; it is only “good” for 2.5% and “fair” for 23.9%.

However, looking to the future, citizens offer some positive projections, because 22% predict an improvement in the economy, when in October the percentage of optimists was lower, at 19.7%. In the previous barometer, 30.2% thought it would get worse and now 30% think so. Those who predict that everything will remain the same in the economic sphere total 39.4% (previously 38.3%).

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The second option, although not necessarily in this order, presented by the City Council to the Junta de Andalucía is a trapezoid-shaped site bounded by Felipe Hauser Street, Avenida de Cádiz, Juan de Mata Carriazo Street and Avenida de Málaga, which separates the old Cádiz station from the current tramway station and the building known as Metrocentro.

The third option, not necessarily in that order, proposed by the City Council to the Andalusian Regional Government has a double dimension, since it can serve both as an alternative to the Palmas Altas campus and as a complement to it for a future expansion, because it is located at a short distance from the footbridge which, crossing the SE-30 ring road, connects it with the current headquarters of Abengoa.

This is the central plot of three existing pockets of land to the south of Los Bermejales, one of triangular shape (with a curved side) between the avenues of Finland, Estonia and Ireland and of 12.437,32

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The financial expert of the portal, Antonio Gallardo, has answered the doubts and questions of the readers of EL PERIÓDICO about the income tax return 2019, which is possible to make from this Wednesday, April 1 and until June 30 (June 25 if you want to direct debit the payment in account) of 2020.

We have had to carry out the rehabilitation of the roof of my house (a semi-detached house) due to problems of leaks and humidity in 2019.  Said home is deeded in May 1989 and I do not have a mortgage.

Our daughter was born in August, so we requested the advance payment of €100.  This 2019 we would be entitled to €500 for the 5 months, but the payment has only been €400 because the one for December was paid in January.

Yes, the amount paid in compensatory pension must be included in the section: “Reductions for compensatory pensions in favor of the spouse and annuities for alimony, except in favor of the children&rdquor.

To benefit from the deduction for rent in Madrid you must reside in Madrid, as you reside in Andalusia and do not change your tax domicile, you only have access to the autonomic deductions of that community.

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