How many months do you pay rates?

How many months do you pay rates?

Interest Rate: What is it? How is it calculated?

Interest rates are the price of money, you have to pay an extra amount for the amount you receive at a given time and the amount is shown as a percentage and will be larger if the loan is more extended.

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Compound interest | Example 5 Finding principal

In the event that the deadline for filing your tax returns and paying taxes is overdue, you will have to include the interest and surcharges generated from the date on which you should have paid until the date on which you will pay.

Therefore, it is necessary that prior to the calculation of the installments, you determine the amount of the update and surcharges of the debt, using the simulator of “contributions and fines”, once you have the amount of the update and surcharges, you must return to this simulator to calculate your installments.

The simulator calculates punctual payments of the requested installments, in case you are late in the payment of any installment, you will be charged the normal update and surcharges until the date you pay the late installment.

The result shown in the simulator is for information purposes only and is subject to change. It may vary if the information you provide corresponds to items for which the Partial Payment is not applicable, or if the debt is not updated as of the date of the consultation. Likewise, there may be variations due to updates generated from the date on which you consulted this simulator and the date on which you submit your request for Partial Payment.

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How to calculate the effective interest rate ?

on the computer. This program has been replaced by the WEB income tax help service, which allows you to file your income tax return directly on the Tax Agency’s website. There is also the possibility of doing it from the cell phone through a new application. The Tax Agency also sends many taxpayers the following information

created a service on its web page called Renta WEB, which downloads the data that the Tax Agency has on each taxpayer and which allows to modify and include the income and expenses data of each person, making automatically the necessary operations and calculations to obtain the result of the tax return, to be paid in or to be returned. The Agency


If you are thinking of applying for any type of credit, especially a mortgage loan, it is essential that you know two key concepts that will help you make the right decisions to manage your loan: the interest rate and the term or time you have to repay the loan.

The interest rate is a cost or commission that the bank charges you for lending you a certain amount of money, which is represented by a percentage. Basically, it can be said that the interest rate is the “price” you will have to pay for applying for a loan.

However, you must keep in mind that this interest rate will be affected by the economic situation of the country, inflation and the rate previously set by the Bank of Mexico, which is used by banks as a reference to calculate the interest rate they offer.

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For this reason, interest rates are usually higher on credit cards than on mortgages because in credit cards the banks have fewer resources to ensure that the client complies correctly with his payments, while in mortgage loans the bank has the home as collateral. This means that the bank will take preventive measures to avoid large monetary losses.