How many died building the Humber Bridge?

How many died building the Humber Bridge?

Bay Bridge

New York’s crossings date back to 1693, when its first bridge, known as the King’s Bridge, was built over Spuyten Duyvil Creek between Manhattan and the Bronx, now located in the Kingsbridge neighborhood. The bridge, composed of stone buttresses and a wooden deck, was demolished in 1917. The oldest crossing still standing is High Bridge, built in 1848 to carry the Croton Aqueduct from Manhattan to the Bronx over the Harlem River.[5] This bridge was built to carry water to the city as part of the Croton Aqueduct system.

New York features bridges of all lengths and types, being able to support vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, and subway traffic. The George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River between New York and Fort Lee (New Jersey) is the busiest bridge in the world.[6][7] The George Washington, Verrazano-Narrows, and Brooklyn bridges are notable for their architecture, while others are more functional in nature, such as the Williamsburg Bridge which has 8 lanes, 2 subway tracks, a bike path, and a pedestrian walkway.

Mexico’s longest suspension bridge

Continent: AsiaCountry: JapanCity:Year: 1998Location:View Larger MapState: CompletedDescription:Akashi Bridge HistoryThis image has been resized. Click here to display it in its actual size.

Across the Messina Strait between Sicily and Italy: a suspension bridge, main span about 3KM…Across the Tsugaru Strait in Japan: a hybrid suspension/stay-straight bridge with 2 successive main spans of 4 KM. [7]Across the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco: a suspension bridge with 2 successive main spans of 5 km, or a straight stay-straight bridge with a huge main span of 8.4 km. [8].Bases and towers

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The World’s Heaviest and Strongest Cable for the World’s Longest Suspension BridgeNippon Steel CorporationWith 3,911 m from one end to the other, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It links two of Japan’s main islands: Honshu and Shikoku. The bridge is supported by two of the strongest and heaviest cables in the world. Each cable weighs about 25,000 tons and is made of a bundle of 36,830 wires. Each strand is 5.23 mm in diameter. For about 70 years, the bridge cables used around the world consisted of strands capable of withstanding a force of 160 kg/mm2. However, the cables used in the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge have increased the strength to more than 180 or even 200 kg/mm2. The cables were developed by the world’s leading steel manufacturer, Nippon Steel Corporation.Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world.Each main cable is about 4,100 meters long and about 1.1 meters in diameter. If all the strands that make up the cable were joined at the ends, its total length would reach 300,000 km. the PR office of Nippon Steel told me that Japan has the world’s best technology for developing and manufacturing steel, and that this steel meets the stringent quality and performance standards of Japanese motor vehicle and electrical appliance manufacturers.

Brooklyn Bridge

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century, the San Francisco Sound and Bay area was inhabited by the Ohlone to the south and the Coast Miwok people to the north. Descendants of both tribes remain in the area.

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The Golden Gate National Recreational Area was created in 1972 by the U.S. National Park Service. It extends north and south of the Golden Gate Bridge and also includes Alcatraz and Angel Islands.

George Washington Bridge

In early 1066 Harold’s exiled brother, Tostig Godwinson, attacked southeast England with a fleet he had recruited in Flanders and later joined by other ships from the Orkney Islands. Threatened by Harold’s fleet, Tostig moved north and ravaged East Anglia and Lincolnshire, but was forced to retreat to his ships by brothers Edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria. Abandoned by most of his men, he had to retreat to Scotland, where he spent the summer recruiting new troops.[20] King Harald III of Norway invaded northern England in early September with a fleet of 300 ships and an army of 15,000 men, forces joined by those of Tostig, who supported the Norwegian’s claim to the throne. Advancing towards York, the Norsemen occupied the city after defeating the northern English army under Edwin and Morcar at the Battle of Fulford on September 20.[21] The Norwegians had spent the summer on the coast of York.

Harold had spent the summer on the south coast with a large army and fleet awaiting the invasion of William of Normandy, but the bulk of his forces were militiamen who needed to gather their crops, so on 8 September Harold dismissed them.[22] On hearing of the Norwegian invasion, he pushed north gathering his forces along the way, and taking the Norse by surprise, defeated them at the Battle of Stamford Bridge on 25 September. Harald III and Tostig were killed and the Norwegians suffered such heavy losses that they needed only 24 of their 300 ships to transport the survivors. However, the English victory came at a very high cost, as Harold’s army was badly battered and weakened.[23] The Norwegians were also very weakened in the battle of Stamford Bridge.

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