How many DAF payments can you have?

How many DAF payments can you have?


Inspired by the Transport Efficiency philosophy we have, the DAF XF truck series has been reinvented to set a new standard for excellence and efficiency in transport. The new DAF XF truck builds on the exceptional reputation of the previous DAF Euro 6 trucks. It is class-leading in reliability, durability and efficiency, and offers an unprecedented level of driver comfort.

The new DAF Connect fleet management system gives you real-time feedback on driver and vehicle efficiency. The innovative DAF Connect system offers clear information on vehicle location, fuel consumption, mileage, fleet usage and idle time. It provides comprehensive reports that allow you to compare vehicle and driver data. By optimizing vehicle availability, reducing operating costs and improving logistics efficiency, DAF Connect enables you to maximize your profitability per kilometer.

In addition to new engines and gearboxes, highly efficient rear axles with low-friction bushings have been introduced. In addition, a range of faster ratios from 2.05 and upwards allow the engine to perform at much lower revs for maximum fuel efficiency. To reduce frictional losses, polished differential gear sets have been introduced, as well as new bearings and seals on the rear axle, along with low-friction, low-friction rear axle oil. The goal is clear: to get the most out of every drop of fuel.

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We offer an interesting, safe and affordable option to extend the life of a failed engine: an engine kit to restore, with new components, the original performance and get the most out of your DAF.

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This type of intervention is carried out on any vehicle of any make, so it is essential to work with original spare parts or top brands, as well as having the appropriate training and resources.

Although each case is different, it can be said that the engine kit can practically double the life of a truck with more than one million kilometers on its back. In addition, this “second life” gains in quality, as oil consumption is eliminated, engine compression improves and, depending on the circumstances of each vehicle, both diesel and adblue consumption also improve, without forgetting polluting emissions.

It is an intervention on many of the engine parts, not all of them, since the injectors, for example, are not changed, unless they are faulty, as well as the engine block. However, as important as the replacement of the new parts is the verification that the remaining parts are in perfect working order.

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When it comes to television and radio, the matter becomes more complicated: “In the case of TV, in the international and national experience, it is necessary to have information about the programs where they have been used. In the case of radio stations, it is necessary to use the ‘multi-statistics’ program in order to have a valid sample that provides complete information on the repertoire that is being used in a given country at a given time”.

Santiago Schuster says that the amount collected depends on four things: how much was collected; which were the works used by the users; who were the rights holders; and the percentage of rights belonging to each one.

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As an example, if the group La Ley performs a concert at the Caupolicán Theater, it is necessary to know what was the fee that the SCD applied for the concert. If a tax of 5% of the income from ticket sales is applied and if 50 million tickets were sold, 5% of that will be 2.5 million. From that amount, you will see how many songs were performed. If there were 25, each song will receive 100 thousand pesos in the distribution.


With our program “Deutsch Lehren Lernen” we offer you the possibility to extend your competence as a DaF teacher on an individual basis. To do so, you can choose from six different modules those subject areas that are particularly important to you.

The DLL units are held in Mexico, the USA, Canada and Germany. The DLL units are conducted in Mexico, the USA, Canada and Germany in an online format. Participants work together on practical exploration projects (PEPs) in multicultural groups (Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany), which promotes the expansion of their methodological-teaching competencies and intercultural exchange. The advanced training program is offered in modules.

By recording lessons and carrying out practical exploratory projects, teachers can reflect on and update their existing competencies and apply the new knowledge in their lessons. In addition, joint further training with other teachers within the framework of DLL offers the opportunity for direct exchange with motivated colleagues through lessons.

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