How long to get tax refund?

How long to get tax refund?

What happens if the sat does not refund me in 40 days?

This is the possibility of obtaining back the amounts that have been unduly paid, as well as the balance in favor that has resulted from the tax return in the fiscal year. It is a right that all taxpayers have.

Keep in mind that as part of the process, clarifications may be requested regarding the requested refund, so it is important that you consider having the documentation in an orderly and organized manner in case it is required.

You already know what the tax refund is and the most important steps of this process. If you have any specific doubts, you can go to the SAT offices, which also offers you its online or telephone help service, which can be an excellent support to help you solve any doubts or concerns you may have in your procedures.

How long does it take for the SAT to return a tax credit balance in 2021?

For this 2021, the tax return can be filed from the comfort of your home through the SAT website, in the Declarations section, or by using the application that corresponds to the tax regime.

Sat tax refund 2019

To enforce your right we facilitate the process by offering you the possibility of receiving it automatically, this administrative facility applies to all individuals who file their Annual Return, normal or complementary of the current fiscal year and are located in the following assumptions:

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It is important to note that a refund is made automatically if it is equal to or less than 150,000 pesos; if the balance in favor exceeds this amount or in the case of individuals who obtained income derived from assets or businesses in joint ownership, marital partnership or inheritance, it can be requested with an electronic signature through the Electronic Return Form.

How long does it take the sat to return a credit balance 2020

When the income tax return is returned and the amount has not been received, the taxpayer worries especially when it is a large amount.  A common question from our clients….How long does the Tax Agency have to return my income tax?

You can check the status of your return from the Renta app or in the following link of the Renta services portal. You have to click on “Draft / return processing service (Renta WEB)” and to carry out this procedure you need to identify yourself electronically, there are three options:

In the “Processing Status” section of the file one of these messages will appear: “Your return is being processed”, “Your return is being checked”, “Your return has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, and the refund requested by you is considered to be in accordance with your request”, etc.  When the appropriate checks have been carried out and the return is correct, the message will appear indicating when the refund will be issued to the bank account you indicated when filing the return.

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