How long does it take for HMRC to refund Corporation Tax?

How long does it take for HMRC to refund Corporation Tax?

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A request to file returns on a monthly basis can be made for companies that are in a continuous refund situation (e.g. exporting companies).

HMRC can also request that companies make payments on account on a monthly basis. These payments are made as advance payments and are deducted from the total amount payable on the quarterly return. Payments on account are compulsory for businesses exceeding £2.3 million due for VAT.

You should check the due date for filing your VAT return and make the VAT payment into your company’s account on HMRC’s online portal. As a general rule, the deadline for filing and payment is the 7th day of the second month following the period to which the return relates. For more information about the deadlines, please see the following link.

VAT payments in the UK can be made using various systems. The tax authorities accept BACS, CHAPS, direct debit, credit card and telephone banking payments. Payment details change depending on the method used. Taxpayers should also be aware that there may be a delay of a couple of days in achieving payment. This increases the risk of late payment of returns.

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Despite the obvious attraction, companies entering the UK market may face complicated and disparate laws, tax brackets and other red tape, not to mention the potential implications of Brexit.

Despite the obvious attraction, companies may find the UK’s complicated and disparate laws, tax brackets and other red tape to be quite challenging, particularly with the added requirement of navigating the potential implications of Brexit. Below are the 10 key challenges you are likely to face when entering the UK market.

Currently, the UK reflects the ease of trading across borders, with standard pricing, procedures and time compared to its OECD counterparts. Preparing documents, obtaining customs clearance and paying for overland transport and handling are the most arduous aspects.

The UK has long been known for its highly skilled, international workforce and favorable supply of European retail and hospitality staff. However, since the Brexit vote, there has been a marked reduction in the participation of Europeans in UK retail and hospitality positions, and there are limited answers to questions from the highly skilled workforce about their future rights once the UK leaves the European Union. Working with TMF Group to meet their staffing needs can facilitate their entry into new markets.

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