How long does EE give you to pay your bill?

How long does EE give you to pay your bill?

Invoice payment term argentina

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At the beginning of the billing cycle each month, you will receive an invoice in your account. If your contract is set up on billing terms, the email with your invoice information will be sent to the billing contact on your account. When you make a payment, a receipt will be sent to your account’s billing administrator.

For Sales Hub, Service Hub and Marketing Hub Starter accounts, credit cards are charged when payment information is entered. After that, for Marketing Hub Starter or Sales Hub Starter and Pro accounts, your billing cycle will close on the same day of the month as the first payment.

Anyone with Modify Billing and Change Contract Name permissions will be able to view and update billing information. When new payment methods are added, administrators have the option to share the method with other administrators on your account. If they have not already done so, only that user can make changes to the payment method, but other administrators will be able to view the information. If the payment method is shared, any user who has access will be able to make changes.

Maximum legal deadline for payment to providers 2020

A budget billing plan allows you to pay a fixed monthly charge for services. The billing amount is based on an estimate of what you will use each month, usually based on your previous usage. Before deciding to accept a prorated billing plan:

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Consider an energy audit. This audit involves finding out where you are wasting energy and how your heating and cooling systems are performing. The U.S. Department of Energy offers a tool that allows you to do an audit on your own.

Types of payment terms

If you want to pay an invoice, the fastest and most convenient way to do it is from your Client Area. It is free, secure and you can do it with any card from any bank. You can also pay your bills in many other ways.

It is also possible to pay your bills without being registered in your Client Area. But if you choose to do so, we will have to ask you for some information about your contract. That’s why we recommend you to register, because every payment will be faster and much more convenient.

If you activate the digital invoice you will know the exact amount and items of your next invoice. And you will know it a week before the letter carrier brings you the paper bill… and well before the bank collects it from you.

Paying Endesa’s bill

We already told you some reasons why your rate could increase in value during this period of mandatory isolation, now let’s review the reliefs that we are implementing in the energy service:

Residential, commercial or industrial customers in Bogota and Cundinamarca, if you have unpaid bills prior to April and May or you are unable to pay your bill, you can access financing plans*.

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*These plans include agreements with no down payment with terms of 4 months, or up to 48 months with reduced financing rates. If you do not make an agreement for relief, service will be suspended if you have not paid your bill.

During this period we do not charge late payment interest for residential customers who are late in paying their bills or who have taken out financing. However, if you already had an existing debt prior to the emergency, you will find late payment interest reflected.

For commercial or industrial customers in Bogota and Cundinamarca, or customers of strata 5 and 6, we will have financing plans that include from agreements with no down payment with terms of 4 months up to 48 months with reduced financing rates. To apply for them, please contact us:

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