How long does a refund take from first choice?

How long does a refund take from first choice?


If you have purchased a product or service online or outside a retail store (by telephone, mail order or from a home seller), you also have the right to cancel and return the order within 14 days, for any reason and without justification.

Carla buys a hair dryer with a six-month warranty from the seller. When after eight months the dryer stops working, she takes it to the store. The sales clerk tells her that her warranty has expired and that she cannot return it.

In the EU, you have the right to return purchases made online or through other types of distance selling (by telephone, mail order or to a door-to-door salesperson) within 14 days for a full refund. You can do this for any reason, if only because you have had second thoughts.

The cooling-off period ends 14 days after the date of receipt of the products. In the case of service contracts, the cooling-off period ends 14 days after the date of conclusion of the contract. If the “cooling-off period” ends on a non-business day, the period is extended to the next business day. in English incentives

If you are using a fare that requires you to use the airline ticket coupons in a certain sequence, please note the following: In the event that you do not take any of the partial legs, or do not take them in the sequence provided for in the ticket, we will charge you for the leg used the corresponding price that was required for the actual itinerary at the time you made your reservation. This price results from the current published fares and can be checked if you try to book the itinerary used as an individual reservation. If this price is higher than the price stated on your ticket, we may make your carriage on the other routes conditional on prior payment of the difference.

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Air transportation users are entitled to receive compensation from airlines in cases of flight cancellations, interruptions or delays in which the corresponding reimbursement has not been made. In order to guarantee compensation to passengers, the aviation authority established rules and procedures that recognize at least four grounds: delay, interruption of transportation, cancellation and overbooking. The regulations also provide for additional compensation in cases of overbooking, delay of more than 4 hours, transits and connections that cannot be continued or denied boarding.    However, compensation will not be provided when the delay of more than 3 hours is caused by adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

– Regardless of the cause, when the delay is more than thirty (30) minutes and less than three (3) hours, the passenger will be provided with refreshments and a free communication by the most suitable means, equivalent to a telephone call not exceeding three (3) minutes, to the place of the passenger’s choice.


As you can see, if you have purchased an app or game you can return it within two hours, although you can only do so once. What does that mean? That if you buy a game, return it and buy it again, the second time you won’t be able to request a refund. As for digital content, such as gems in Brawl Stars, you can’t return them unless the product is defective or not what was promised.

The App Store is simpler. If we want to return an app or game we have 14 days to do so, although it is not guaranteed that we can get it. After that time nothing can be returned, although if you have a technical problem or the product is defective, you can contact technical support to find a solution. On the other hand, Apple has a no abuse policy and if it detects that you buy and return a lot of apps on a recurring basis it may end up denying you a refund.

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“From time to time, Apple may deny a return request if it finds evidence that the request is fraudulent or abusive or other manipulative conduct that would entitle Apple to make a counterclaim.”