How long does a DAF payment take?

How long does a DAF payment take?

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If you wish to take your exam in another city, you must inquire beforehand and complete the registration process directly with one of our partner examination centers based in Cali, Medellin, Cartagena, Quito or Guayaquil.

If a third party claims the results you must bring a letter of authorization signed by the person who took the exam and a copy of the identification document of both (i.e. of the examinee and the third party claiming the certificate).

We continue to rely on national and local government measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. This means that at any time we may be forced to postpone the dates already set.

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German is one of the ten most widely spoken languages on the planet, in fact, it is the language most people in the European Union have as their mother tongue, and the official language in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and parts of Switzerland. The economies of German-speaking countries are among the strongest in the world, which means that many major companies have German origins and that much international business is conducted in German. Consequently, and especially if we put aside the hegemony of English, there is no doubt that learning German is a very attractive option that can open many doors in the future.

Some people may think that taking an exam to obtain a certificate is superfluous and that having the knowledge is more than enough. However, the truth is that most institutions, universities or human resources managers will first read your CV and evaluate your qualifications. If what they see makes a good impression, you will receive a personal invitation for an opportunity to present yourself and demonstrate your skills.

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How long it takes to validate a transfer

The exam consists of a written and an oral part. In the written part, you must complete tasks in the areas of written expression, listening comprehension and reading comprehension. The exam lasts three and a half hours. There is a 20-minute break in the middle. The oral exam is a group exam with two or three participants.

If you live in Germany and want to work or study, you often need proof of sufficient German language skills. The most important exam you should take is the Test-DaF (Test of German as a foreign language). This test defines clear standards for mastering the German language. The Aktiv language school in Nuremberg prepares you optimally for this course. Here you can read about our TestDaF exam – preparation courses in Nuremberg.

The Test-DaF is considered a challenge. It tests your expressiveness and comprehension of the German language. However, it also has its advantages. All universities and colleges in Germany recognize the exam. But not only universities, but also many employers require this test when hiring new employees. A successful existence opens many doors for you in Germany.

What does daf mean in wastewater treatment

After the success of the Van Doorne brothers with the commercialization of the world’s first superlight trailer, the manufacture of trailers becomes the main activity of the workshop and the brothers decide to give the company the name: “van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek” (Van Doorne Trailer Factory), giving meaning to the acronym DAF.

In 1965 the founder Hub van Doorne retires, but the entrepreneurial spirit of the “DAF family” continues and it is in 1976 that the first DAF commercial vehicle dealership in the south of the Netherlands is established.

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