How long can you stay in supported accommodation?

How long can you stay in supported accommodation?

Asylum in Germany for Venezuelans 2021

If there is no transfer within six months, responsibility remains with the country in which the asylum application was first filed. This period may be extended under certain circumstances.

If you are unable to attend the appointment for health or other important reasons, you must decline the appointment immediately in writing. If you fail to appear without notice, your application may be dismissed or the procedure may be terminated.

In order to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings, the entire conversation will be translated and its essential content will be recorded. At the end of the conversation, you can ask for the protocol to be translated into the language of your home country. You will then have the possibility to correct or complete your declaration. This translation into your language must take place before you are asked to sign the protocol.

In § 16a of the Grundgesetz (Constitutional Law) a basic right of asylum is established, which forms the basis for the Asylberechtigung (right of asylum). All those politically persecuted by a state have the right to protection in Germany. However, recognition of the right of asylum is excluded if the persecuted person has entered Germany via a safe third country (all EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland).

Asylum in Germany 2020

A non-exhaustive list of supporting documents that the border guard may request from third-country nationals to verify compliance with the conditions of intended stay, published in the Official Journal of the European Union, is transcribed:

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(f) IMPORTANT NOTE: Mexican citizens who are in Germany as tourists cannot change their immigration status from here. In case of wishing to work, study, stay for family union or carry out any activity other than tourism and/or stay more than 90 days in Germany, the corresponding visa must be applied for beforehand at the German Embassy in Mexico:

g) NOTICE TO MEXICAN STUDENTS IN GERMANY: If you wish to stay after the expiration date of your visa, you must apply for the corresponding permit at the corresponding Immigration Office. A change of immigration status (to tourist status) does not happen automatically. If you stay longer than the authorized time in any of the Schengen member countries, you will be undocumented.

Shelters in Germany

Overall effectiveness of shelters Request for help, safety planning and access to services Counseling and social supportOutreach services offered by shelters and other community services Knowledge gapsMain challengesMain strategies

Safety should be the central consideration in all aspects of shelter and servicesPrograms should reflect the views and wishes of survivors, promote women’s empowerment and their right to self-determinationShelters should be run by independent women’s organizationsServices should be open to all women and appropriately tailored to the diverse needs of those seeking support.

The presence and scope of services provided by shelters varies greatly across regions and communities. Shelter models are strongly influenced by the availability and level of funding they receive (either from the state or external donors), as well as the sustainability of funding. A women’s shelter is typically defined by:

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Asylum in Germany for Colombians 2021

Despite the fact that asylum is an institution historically well rooted in the practice of states and other political entities before them, the birth and subsequent establishment of the international refugee protection regime had the paradoxical effect of weakening this classic institution of refugee protection. Indeed, the acquisition by states of international obligations with respect to refugees resulted in the non-recognition of the widespread practice of asylum as an international legal obligation. States, whose sovereignty with regard to the treatment of refugees was from then on limited by international law, thus reserved to themselves the power to determine to whom they would grant asylum. Thus came about the “divorce” between asylum and the international refugee protection regime (see refugee: definition and protection).

For its part, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights of 1981 includes the right to asylum formulated as the “right to seek and obtain asylum”, in Article 12, paragraph 3, in the following terms: “Everyone shall have the right, when persecuted, to seek and obtain asylum in other countries in accordance with the laws of such countries and international conventions” (see human rights, African system of).

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