How far can taxman go back?

How far can taxman go back?

The Tax Collector and the Pharisee

A tax collector is a person who collects taxes from other people or businesses. Tax collectors have been portrayed in fiction as evil, and in the modern world as a stereotype somewhat similar to that of lawyers.

The General Collection Regulations regulate in the various countries the specific subject matter of the collection procedure. Collection is included in the “application of taxes”, a broad concept that encompasses all administrative activities aimed at informing and assisting taxpayers, management, inspection and collection, and the actions of taxpayers in the exercise of their rights or in the fulfillment of their obligations.

The tax collector’s name was

The primitive Semitic original is lost although several early authors quote it; it seemed to be based on the sayings of Jesus Christ and was used by Matthew for his own preaching. The Church used with official canonical character the new Greek text, apparently translated by Matthew himself. The Gospel of Matthew is the ecclesiastical Gospel par excellence, not only because it is the most widely used by the early tradition of the Church, but also because in its structure and formulation it embodies an ecclesial apologetic concern lived in the first Christian generations.

Tax collectors of the Jews

Since the 1970s, the strategy was to create simplified value added tax (VAT) regimes. Given the failure of these, in the 1990s a more comprehensive solution was attempted, which also contemplated Income Tax (IR) and Social Security Contributions (CSS), mainly pensions and health, in order to promote formality and social inclusion, and also to strengthen a control that was very weak.

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It is clear that the challenges for the development and formalization of these taxpayers are multidisciplinary and, therefore, it is not possible to define an optimal tax treatment, but our region has accumulated important experiences. Therefore, following the recommendations described in the previous point, the following is proposed:

A simplified regime, consisting of a combination of the Monotributo type system as a matrix, complemented with a transition process to the general regime based on the experience of the Tax Incorporation Regime (RIF).

Luke 19

We reiterate our perception that there is a need to make changes in the tax system and that, in that context, the Executive would do better than the Legislative. From that point of view, the delegation achieved is positive. The locks that have been placed are a salute to the flag because, although it handled the political issue very badly, the Executive had already suggested that it would not tax savings or credit and that it would not create new taxes or raise rates. The bulk of the reform would then concentrate on what we warned before (see CD 27.11.06): capital gains, anti-technical taxes and administrative aspects.

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