How does pre-order payment work?

How does pre-order payment work?

Example of international prepayment

If you accept credit cards, you can charge the prepayment on the same credit card that the customer used to book. You can charge a partial or total amount, but the amount must always match the amount reflected in the booking confirmation.

If you do not accept credit cards, but you want to apply the payment in advance, you will have to contact the client to agree on the payment. To make it easier, decide on a maximum time limit for payment and communicate it to the customer, you can even program a template message to save time.

How to charge in advance

connection will be applied to your next billing statement. In the event that you request the installation of the additional TV service(s) during the same service installation visit and before the installation is completed, you will not be charged for the additional TV service(s).

In case of payment after the due date established in the account statement, a conventional penalty of $20 pesos will be applied in the following account statement for collection commission.

You can find this information on the cover page of your account statement. Payment will be reflected in a period of 24 to 48 hours, so we recommend that you make the payment no later than the first ten days after the cutoff date to apply the Prompt Payment rate.

apply the Prompt Payment rate. Do not forget to present your bank statement or complete bank reference at the time of making the payment at the bank window for the correct application of your payment.

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Please note that this is the payment of the first rent made at the time of installation. After the first statement, the customer will receive the next 20 days after the start of the billing cycle.

Debt prepayment

Categories:Loans by Equipo Bancompara |on November 1, 2021You have a loan and want to pay it off as soon as possible? We give you all the tips you can follow to do so. Learn when to anticipate payments, when to advance them, and how to take advantage of your credit by understanding your amortization table.

Yes, but it will depend on each contract, since not all of them are stipulated in the same way, so you must be careful, since some penalize you for paying early. Before making an early payment, read up so that you do not pay more for what you owe. But, in all cases this penalty is not given, so paying capital brings more benefits than consequences.

Paying capital is convenient as long as your bank does not penalize you and you have the money as an extra and not as an income that can leave you waiting for the next fortnight. If you pay your loan before the stipulated time, it is a benefit for you and for the bank, because you will fulfill your obligations as a debtor, you will have a good history and besides the bank will lend you a larger amount with a lower interest rate, so now your interest will be less: so it has its benefits to pay without the bank asking you to do so.

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Active or passive prepayments

You can change the method of payment for your advance order or update your payment information (such as credit card expiration date) at any time before the advance order is billed.

If you receive a notification that we have attempted to collect payment for your pre-order reservation and it did not work, please follow the steps outlined in the message you received, or as shown here.

In the case of backorder offers based on an estimated price rather than the official price, the backorder price guarantee only applies to and will only be based on the official price of the item when it was advertised.