Why would a home insurance company deny a claim?

Why would a home insurance company deny a claim?

What to do when an insurer does not comply

We must point out that with respect to the free choice of lawyer the European Union has pronounced through its Directive 87/344 of the European Court in which it is expressly specified that the interest of the insured in the legal defense insurance necessarily implies the free choice of lawyer or qualified professional to defend the rights of the injured party in any judicial or administrative process. Any limitation to freely decide the lawyer that we want to assume our defense would therefore be contrary to the purpose and object of the insurance.

In the event of being granted freedom of action, the entity shall inform the insured, in each case, whether the claim expenses will be reimbursed up to the limit provided for in the contract, or whether this reimbursement is conditional upon obtaining a result more favorable to its interests.

In the cases in which a conflict of interest arises, the insurance companies, in addition to informing the insured of his right to free choice of lawyer, a right recognized in Law 50/1980, of October 8, in general whenever judicial or administrative proceedings are to be resorted to, shall inform of the reason why this right is recognized in the specific case, that is to say, they shall inform of the existence of the conflict of interest and of its origin at the moment in which the insured requests legal assistance and the company detects that such a conflict arises.

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What to do when the insurer refuses to pay?

A claim or complaint must be made in writing to the insurance company in the department of the insured’s ombudsman. This complaint must be delivered by certified mail with return receipt requested, burofax.

How long does an insurance company have to pay a claim?

By law, a company has 30 days to issue a decision on the claim: within that period it must accept and pay or give notice of rejection. What happens in practice with the main insurance companies in the market.

When can an insurer refuse to pay?

Administrative type fault where the accident is the fault of another vehicle. The same would happen with any other administrative type fault that had no influence on the accident such as having an expired license, not having insurance or even testing positive for alcohol.

Insurance law claim rejection

There are a number of obligations that both insurer and insured must fulfill. Such as, for example, detailing all the information about your health in the questionnaire prior to contracting. Failure to comply with these requirements – that is, failure to comply with what is established in the contract – is a logical reason for the insurer to refuse to renew it. Just as it could happen in a rental contract, in an employment contract, etc.

An insurer may have every right not to renew your health insurance at maturity or to terminate it at any time, since it is also protected by the Insurance Contract Law and it is so established in different parts of the terms and conditions of its policies. Therefore, once we have answered the question we addressed at the beginning, it is time to focus on the why: what reasons can your insurer give for terminating your health insurance? These are the ones that appear in practically any general terms and conditions of a health insurance policy:

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Where can I report an insurance company?

You can go to the Condusef to file a complaint against the insurance institution. It is important that the company with which you have contracted the coverage is regulated by the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions and by the Condusef.

How to report a car insurance company?

By phone. Call the toll free number: 0800-666-8400 and we will guide you through the TAD process.

What is the insurer’s deadline to accept or reject the claim?

Article 56 of the Insurance Law imposes on the insurance companies the obligation to issue a statement regarding the right of the insured within a term of 30 days. If the company does not issue its opinion within such term, the omission is deemed to constitute acceptance on the part of the insurer.

Model insurance proposal rejection

Although almost all policies cover certain risks, there are certain common exclusions: read your contract and make sure what your multi-risk insurance covers, because, as there may be more loopholes than you think.

If you accept the value of the building proposed by the insurer and its updates, they should waive this rule. As for the contents, if you can assume its loss but you are forced to take it out to have access to certain interesting coverages, you can insure it for less than what it is worth… but keep in mind that they will apply this rule to you.

What happens if life insurance is not paid?

According to the Insurance Contract Law, the following may happen if the life insurance is not paid: The insurer has the right to terminate the contract, which means that the policy ends. Or, the company also has the option to demand payment of the premium due through enforcement proceedings.

How much time is there to make a home insurance claim?

The deadline for reporting the loss to the home insurance company is seven days from the time the loss occurs.

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How is life insurance paid for?

If you die earlier, your beneficiaries are paid. Upon reaching the age the insurer considers to be the end of the term, the sum insured is paid to the insured himself. Premiums are paid for the entire term of the policy.

Claim rejection letter

So that you know what you can claim after the passage of a DANA (or even after the eruption of a volcano like the one that occurred in La Palma) and you can weigh up whether you want to change your insurer so that your coverage against storms is better in the future, we tell you what situations your home insurance will not cover. In addition, we also offer you the best policies that you can take out thanks to our home insurance comparator.

As for floods that may occur during torrential rains, keep in mind that this phenomenon is considered an extraordinary risk, so it will be covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, for which it is necessary to have a private insurance.