Who to contact for PPI claims?

Who to contact for PPI claims?

What happens if I stop paying into my pension plan?

Are you lost and don’t know how to do it? In these cases, the best option may be to turn to a financial advisor to help you with your finances and guide you on the best way to make your pension plan profitable.

One of the main characteristics and disadvantages of pension plans is that they are not a liquid product. In other words, the money cannot be withdrawn at any time. This is one of the tolls you pay for the tax advantages you have.

The pension plan is intended for long-term investments and more specifically for retirement. This does not mean that you cannot take the money out of the pension plan early, although there must be special circumstances to do so.

In case of total and permanent incapacity to work for the usual profession or absolute disability or great disability to carry out any type of work, it will be possible to recover the pension plan.

If you are wondering how to redeem the pension plan due to serious illness, it will be necessary to prove with a medical certificate from the Social Security or an authorized entity the physical or psychological condition that temporarily disables the development of the usual professional activity for a minimum period of 3 months and that requires a clinical intervention of major surgery in a hospital center. This category also includes physical or psychological ailments or injuries with permanent sequelae that partially limit or totally prevent the usual activity.

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Occupational pensions

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Taxation of pension plans

In this article we will analyze certain practical questions arising from these loan-linked insurances, such as the obligatory nature of such insurances, their possible nullity, the additional costs that they may entail for the bank client or how the client can get rid of the insurance.

In the event of the borrower’s death, his heirs will be released from the restitution of the loan with respect to the bank. It also has a similar purpose, and therefore we can extend the indications that will be made about life insurance, the insurance against default, which covers those situations in which the borrower will not be able to meet the payment of the installment more or less prolonged, such as illness or unemployment (which is also called payment protection insurance, or PPI).

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4. The bank must provide the customer, at least ten days before taking out the mortgage, with information on the conditions and guarantees of the insurance required. With this, the client will be able to search in the market for a policy with the same coverage conditions as the one offered by the bank.

Pension funds imposed

The family legal defense insurance (private life), covers the claim of any insurance that you have at a particular level, and there are also specific legal defense insurance modalities such as driver’s insurance, which cover the claims to the vehicle insurance.

As insurance brokers, we always try to solve the incidents of our clients, without the need to go beyond step 1, but sometimes there is no choice but to use other channels, as mentioned in this article.

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